GaN Block Diagram

Designers face significant size, weight and power (SWaP) demands in avionics, radars, EW jammers, communications infrastructure equipment, satellite, military systems, test and measurement instrumentation, and RF sensing.

GaN overcomes the frequency limitation of LDMOS (typically restricted to less than 3-4 GHz), extending frequency capability to 50 GHz and beyond. Our development efforts target different applications in various frequency bands. We’re leveraging GaN technology to produce highly differentiated RF and microwave power amplifiers. This enables our products to reach higher output power levels (>35 Watts CW continuous wave), improve efficiency (>50%), and extend frequency bandwidth (2 to 20 GHz).

The graph to the right illustrates where GaN technology can best be utilized to reach higher power and extended frequencies relative to other technologies.

GaN Amplifiers

GaN Breaks Barriers – RF Power Amplifiers Go Wide and High

As shorter gate length GaAs and GaN transistors become available, coupled with improved circuit design techniques, new devices are becoming available that can perform comfortably to millimeter wave frequencies, opening new applications that were hard to contemplate a decade ago. This article will briefly describe the state of the semiconductor technology that is enabling these developments, circuit design considerations to achieve optimum performance, and examples of both GaAs and GaN wideband power amplifiers (PAs) that demonstrate today’s technology.

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GaN Block Diagram

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RF & Microwave Capabilities

Explore the full range of technology processes, including GaN, CMOS, SOI, and more where Analog Devices has the capabilities and expertise to deliver the performance you need. From dc to beyond 100 GHz, we have the broadest portfolio of over 1000 single function and integrated products.

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