Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)

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Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) barcode scanning devices are widely used for real-time inventory tracking within logistics, transportation, and warehouse and retail automation. Secure authentication and robust protection of these edge node devices are critical. Most automatic identification and data capture systems are robust handheld battery-powered devices and can be deployed as mobile tablets, smartphones, or even as wrist or finger strap devices. These devices can leverage technologies such as machine vision, fixed industrial scanning, and mobile dimensioning to modernize warehouse operations.

AIDC Capabilities for Secure, Sustainable Logistics

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is focused on delivering the highest system performance in automatic identification and data capture devices. ADI combines design-level and system-level knowledge with domain expertise across secure authentication, battery management, and depth sensing, allowing our customers to deploy automatic data capture devices faster and extract more value with access to high quality data and insights.

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Accurate Dimensioning & Positioning

Asset Tracking Distance measurement and object detection play a vital role in AIDC devices. ADI’s Industrial Vision technology, which offers 3D depth sensing with 3D point cloud renders to enable accuracy and efficiency in product dimensioning.

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Secure Edge Node

In handheld devices, battery cloning is a big industry problem, both from a revenue loss perspective but also from a safety perspective. Our unique battery pack authentication functionality ensures that only the intended battery is used with the device.

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Superior Battery Management

ADI’s battery fuel gauges provide accurate low-temperature state of charge, secure authentication, and internal self-discharge management for battery health monitoring and management.

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Improved Usability and Robustness

Maintain optimal device health and employ a predictive maintenance strategy with the highest g accelerometers that detect shocks and impacts, plus increased loudness on micro speakers with Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) technology.

Enhance Sustainable Logistics with Automatic Data Capture

Learn how ADI’s industry-leading technology in depth sensing and fast battery charging enables the collection and management of logistics data quickly and securely, bringing unparalleled levels of automation into the field using automatic data capture devices.

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Logistics Automation: Automatic Data Capture Solutions Enabling Safer, Secure, and Sustainable Solutions

Learn how ADI’s technologies are enabling automatic data capture applications, which can be leveraged into many logistics automation use cases, from handheld to fixed dimensioning, to sensing and conveying and even beyond into retail end application use cases.

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Learn how ADI’s industry leading technology is enabling the development of robust, handheld data capture devices, streamlining the secure collection and management of logistics data, enabling unparalleled levels of automation.

Key Products

MAX17301 chip image


The MAX17301 IC features industry-leading fuel gauge accuracy, programmable safety and protection, and dynamic power functionality enabling safe, secure battery management.

ADXL372 chip image


The ADXL372 is an ultralow power high g accelerometer that detects accidental falls up to 400 g acceleration levels allowing for increased warranty protection.

ADSD3100 chip image


The ADSD3100 is a 3D time of flight imager that provides accurate dimensioning and object detection enabling sustainable logistics.

MAX98390 chip image


The MAX98390 is a smart audio amplifier that delivers louder and deeper sound quality and industry-leading power consumption all while protecting device speakers.

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