Logistics and Retail Automation

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With global parcel shipments on track to reach 220 billion by 2027, logistics and retail automation will have a significant part to play in achieving efficiency and sustainability in the supply chain while also satisfying consumer demand for faster delivery cycles and a better customer experience.

Most of today’s warehouse and distribution centers operate at only 80% to 85% efficiency. Logistics automation can help reduce and resolve issues like missorted products, which currently must cycle back through the system to be categorized correctly. Applications such as machine vision, data capture scanning, asset tracking, and object dimensioning deliver real-time data that enables new efficiencies in logistics automation. Secure, safe authentication of edge node devices will also prove essential.

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) provides industry-leading technologies such as 3D depth sensing, high g accelerometers, secure and safe fast battery chargers, and USB power delivery devices to enable fast, secure data collection and management in support of retail and logistics automation.

Learn how ADI’s high resolution 3D depth sensing technology coupled with advanced image stitching algorithms enables fast and accurate object dimensioning for logistics applications.

For more information on ADI’s logistics dimensioning system solutions leveraging 3D ToF and other ADI technologies, please contact our systems team at Logistics_Retail@analog.com.

Logistics and Retail Automation Technologies

Scanning/Dimensioning/Asset Tracking

The use of smart sensors, especially depth sensors, is becoming ubiquitous within transportation and logistics. ADI offers industry-leading depth sensing products and solutions to enable scanning, dimensioning, and asset tracking end application needs.

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Autonomous Robotics

ADI is leading the revolution in autonomous robotics with our domain expertise in motion control, functional safety, advanced safety, and system-level design. Our technology enables automated warehouses, more flexible production, space savings, and increased safety.

Let’s Build the Factory of Tomorrow

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Automated Checkout and Point of Sale (POS) Systems

ADI’s secure microcontrollers provide ongoing protection for automated checkout and point of sale systems against continuously emerging threats. Our secure MCU ICs employ FIPS-certified, hardware cryptographic engines, which support industry-standard algorithms.

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Production Grade ToF Module

Avoid complex optical design and reduce time to market and development risk with this fully calibrated off-the-shelf ToF module. Based on the ADSD3100, a 1 MP CMOS indirect time of flight (iToF) imager, the ADTF3175 also integrates the lens, optics, illumination, and power.

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