Building Technology Power Solutions

Numerous power circuits in a hospital building

Low energy consumption and sustainability are key goals for any intelligent buildings, and thus building technology power solutions that can help meet these targets are paramount. By enabling a customizable, comfortable local environment, the building occupants enjoy a greater user experience with enhanced productivity.

With many devices and numerous power circuits converting from AC to DC—at multiple power levels throughout a building—efficient conversion at low energy loss is required. DC-powered devices enable a growing shift toward more efficient, sustainable, and customizable buildings.

Analog Devices delivers a wide ranging, industry-leading portfolio of building technology power solutions like Power over Ethernet (PoE), which enables devices such as lighting, thermostats, or window blinds to be connected throughout a building for a more controllable experience at a local level.

ADI’s Power by Linear portfolio provides a wide range of solutions in the linear and switching domains to enable solutions to specific applications and power needs across the entire intelligent buildings segment. The best-in-class solutions feature the lowest EMI, lowest noise, highest efficiency, highest power density, and smallest size.

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