Protocol Analyzers

Protocol analyzers, or dataloggers, are devices that monitor and record digital and analog signals such as temperature, voltage, current, or digital communications for diagnostics, repair, or optimization of vehicles. They are a common device for all phases of vehicle development, from R&D to production to aftermarket and repair. They support increasing bandwidth across a myriad of protocols and standards and are robust in harsh environments.

Protocol Analyzer Challenges

Modern vehicles, and especially electric vehicles, demand support for faster signaling rates and evolving standards while adhering to small form factors, low power, and high durability to enable active use within the vehicle. These requirements create new challenges for auto tech developers.

  • More Sensors, Controls, and Interfaces: Faster signal bandwidths and increased complexity
  • In-Situ Operation: Low power, small form factor, and robust operation for use in harsh environments or active drive tests
  • Evolving Standards and Requirements: Maintain support for myriad of wired and wireless protocols
  • Durability and Versatility: Robust and fault tolerant
X-ray view of car showing intravehicular protocols
A myriad of intravehicular protocols are used throughout a modern automobile

Protocol Analyzer Solutions

Protocol analyzers need a variety of interfaces to be supported. ADI’s portfolio includes:

  • CAN
  • LIN
  • SENT
  • GMSL
  • RS-485/RS-232 or multiprotocol
  • USB
  • Automotive ethernet
  • A2B, C2B, E2B

The common signals monitored by data loggers such as temperature, voltage, or currents are suited to narrow-band oversampling ADCs, with sigma-delta ADCs offering high signal chain integration, and multichannel options are available to monitor many signals at once. ADI offers compact integrated isolated communications, multichannel ADCs, and low power MCU and ADC options for portable applications.

Audio Connectivity

The Automotive Audio Bus (A²B) is revolutionizing next generation infotainment architectures by delivering a simple, low-latency solution for complex audio connectivity problems.

Video Connectivity

ADI offers a broad portfolio of automotive qualified video connectivity products covering many applications including camera connectivity, display connectivity and consumer device connectivity.

Signal Chains


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