Mobile Robotics

Advancing Faster and More Precise Perception, Localization, and Control

The evolving smart factory is deploying mobile robotics alongside humans at an accelerating pace. To ensure safety, productivity, and longevity in the smart factory of the future, this mobile robotic workforce must increasingly comprehend and interact with its environment and human colleagues.

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) offers high performing perception sensing solutions that enable real-time awareness of the robotic system, including simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for best-in-class safe navigation of AMRs (autonomous mobile robots), AGVs (automated guided vehicles), and cobots (collaborative robots) in factories and warehouses. We have innovated more compact, safe, and energy efficient servo drives that reduce robot size and power consumption, resulting in more productive, lower emissions factories. ADI’s technologies also include optical and magnetic encoders for joint rotation and angular position feedback.

In the interactive diagram below, you can explore our portfolio of mobile robotics technologies and solutions to tap into new efficiencies, improved productivity, and optimal collaboration between humans and robots on the factory floor.

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Watch this video to see A.D.A.M. (Analog Devices Autonomous Mobot) – an open-source mobile robot platform, used to develop and test next generation mobile robotics technologies.

A Complete Autonomous Mobile Robot Solution from ADI.

Advancement in Mobile Robotics


Proximity Sensing

The ADPD1080 Evaluation Board is optimized for motion detection and long-range proximity/presence detection, using infrared light reflections to detect and measure motion and proximity. Combine with ADPD1080, EVAL-ADPDM3Z, and the Applications Wavetool for best results.

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Magnetic Position

Magnetic sensing based on anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) position sensor solutions enables robust and accurate position sensing for encoder applications. Explore ADI’s magnetic sensing products designed for use in harsh industrial environments.

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ToF—CMOS 1MP Sensor

3D time of flight (ToF) is a LIDAR-based camera technology for capturing depth information over short distances using quick, high power optical pulses. Explore ADI’s industry-leading products and solutions for ToF systems and cameras, including the industry’s highest resolution CMOS imaging chip.

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