Industrial Wired Connectivity Technology

Today, wired connectivity technology still dominates the industrial landscape. Legacy serial interfaces are deployed extensively in existing factory networks to ensure uninterrupted, high performance connections. These interfaces offer simplicity but lack the advantages of direct IP addressability possible with Ethernet, which dominates at the control level. In addition, new and old equipment must coexist in the factory of the future, and the latest wired connectivity technology facilitates this interoperability.

Offering superior performance, robustness, and reach, Analog Devices’ wired connectivity solutions leverage the latest wired serial and Ethernet technologies. For last mile connectivity to sensors or actuators at the edge, use 10BASE-T1L and IO-Link®. For high speed applications, use low latency gigabit Ethernet, MLVDS, and RS-485. For industrial PC connectivity, ADI offers the latest isolated USB solutions with best-in-class robustness.

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Industrial Ethernet

Optimize system design and add Ethernet connectivity with low power, low latency, and robust gigabit PHY, MAC PHY, and switch technology. Create a two-port device connectivity solution today with ADI’s precertified, multiprotocol reference design for 100 Mbit connectivity.

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IO-Link Solutions

Create IO-Link enabled intelligent connected sensors and actuators that reduce configuration and commissioning time, as devices identify and configure themselves automatically. ADI offers industry-leading, robust, enhanced feature set solutions, and a range of fully verified and tested reference designs.

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Serial Connectivity Solutions

Choose from a range of isolated and nonisolated RS-485, RS-232, RS-422, RS-562, and CAN transceivers using ADI’s iCoupler® and isoPower® isolation technology, designed for robust, quiet connectivity in harsh industrial environments.

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Isolated USB Solutions

Compact USB port isolators for the first time allow USB 2.0 high speed operation and enhanced robustness for high bandwidth applications in smart industry, digital health, and instrumentation. Learn how these USB isolators allow ease of design-in for full signal integrity, EMC compliance, and proven iCoupler robustness.

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Featured Technology for the Factory of the Future

Industrial Ethernet

3D image of ADIN1300 chip carrier


Robust, Industrial, Low Latency, and Low Power 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1 Gbps Ethernet PHY


3D image of MAX22514 chip carrier


Surge Protection Low Power IO-Link Device Transceiver with High Efficiency DC-DC


3D image of ADM2867E chip carrier


5.7 kV RMS Signal and Power Isolated RS-485 Transceiver with ±15 kV IEC ESD

Why Choose IO-Link from Analog Devices?

With a complete portfolio of both IO-Link gateway and sensor devices, ADI has the domain expertise required to help architect a low power and effective IO-Link platform. Leverage a proven reference design for fast, easy solution development or try ADI’s evaluations kits, which include configuration software for accelerated system setup. With the industry’s smallest form factors, ADI is reducing system footprint by up to 50%, with superior robustness that removes the need for multiple external protection components.