Therapy Devices

Increasing Patient Safety with Accurate and Reliable Therapy Devices

Therapy devices provide support and treatment for both critical care and long-term chronic disease. They must operate in ways that are safe and accurate while providing convenient solutions for both the patient and the hospital staff. Therapy devices range from home care products like CPAP to large clinical therapy devices such as dialysis machines, ventilators, and infusion pumps. Our integrated power management, high performance signal chain, protection and consumable authentication solutions allow designs to be highly functional, to be compact with a longer battery life, and to improve patient safety.

System Resources

The Importance of Isolation in Healthcare Applications

Learn how iCoupler® digital isolators provide a simple solution for connecting patients to a peripheral monitor or PC in a safe and isolated manner.

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 Importance of Isolation in Healthcare Applications

Secure Authentication for Medical Disposables

Analog Devices’ secure authenticators are easily integrated into medical disposables, increasing patient safety by controlling re-use and preventing counterfeits.

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Secure Authentication for Medical Disposables Cover

The Basics of Ventilator Systems

Today’s medical ventilator systems need precise measurement of pressure, air flow, humidity and temperature, along with reliable protection to ensure continuous operation.

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Basics of Ventilator Systems

Signal Chains


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