Server Equipment

The Next Generation of Server Equipment and Data Centers

As server equipment evolves to meet rising workloads from 5G, social networks, media, cloud computing, and emerging artificial intelligence applications, data center managers are looking at operational costs and energy efficiency as opportunities to protect their bottom line. Server equipment must achieve higher power density to deliver the performance demanded by both enterprises and consumers. Annual kilowatt-hour usage can be dramatically reduced by improving power conversion efficiency at each stage of the power distribution architecture.

Analog Devices (ADI) provides a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge power products to address the emerging needs of next-generation server equipment, with high performance and high reliability power products to meet the most demanding data center applications.

ADI’s high performance computing Core Power Solutions

At ADI, we believe the key to reducing global data center energy consumption lies in power conversion efficiencies. Our solutions enable higher power density to fit into smaller footprints than ever before without compromising speed or reliability. Ensure that your design offers industry-leading efficiency by utilizing ADI’s innovative power technologies. Discover our high efficiency voltage regulators (VR), multiphase controllers, and power-stage products that power all high performance server hardware (both ×86 and non-×86), as well as memory used in today’s server and storage designs. Our scalable solutions include hot swap capabilities and advanced power-stage technologies to help simplify design in space-saving packages.

Our power products are differentiated by the following key technological advantages:

  • Monolithic Integration: An optimized power process technology that mitigates or nearly eliminates parasitic resistance and inductance between the FETs and drivers, enabling high switching speeds with minimal loss.
  • Coupled Inductor Technology: ADI’s patented technology enables higher density, larger bandwidth, faster transient solutions, 50% higher efficiency, and 1.82× smaller magnetics.
  • SilentMOS™ technology (Silent Switcher 1 and 2 technologies): Faster switches with near 0 ns dead times. This architecture is designed to minimize EMI/EMC emissions while delivering high efficiency at frequencies up to 3 MHz.
  • Highly integrated multiphase controller and power stage ICs: Smart power stage (SilentMOS) IC with integrated current and temperature sensors.
  • Advanced Packaging: Best-in-class thermal performance with dual-side cooling in our high density design.

Series of coupled inductors
Series of coupled inductors (CL) commonly used with ADI’s multiphase topologies to take advantage of current ripple cancellation. This architecture delivers a number of significant benefits such as higher efficiency and space savings.

Signal Chains


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