Low Power, High Fidelity Audio Solutions for Smart Home

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Speaker amplifiers from Analog Devices combine superior sonic quality with technological breakthroughs that simplify the design process, save space, extend battery life, and reduce system cost. Our ultra low power, high fidelity audio solutions offer output power levels from less than 1 W up to 50 W. Housed in compact, innovative packaging, these speaker amps are ideal for smart home applications such as microspeakers and doorbells. ADI’s audio solutions enable functionalities like presence detection and gesture control—key capabilities in the smart home of today and tomorrow.

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MAX98396 Ultrasound Demo

Connecting the MAX98396 evaluation system with the smart speaker enables touchless gestures (feed forward, rewind, pause, and playback) using ultrasound features.

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MAX98090 Fully Integrated Audio CODEC

The MAX98090 evaluation system let you quickly stream music through headsets and speakers and allows you to change gain, filters, and equalization graphically through an easy to use tool. Watch the tutorial.

Dynamic Speaker Management

Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) smart amplifiers combine high performance current and voltage (IV) sense amplifiers with a patented DSM algorithm to create louder and richer sound from microspeakers.

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Microspeaker 101

Microspeakers have the same three main components as standard speakers: the diaphragm, coil, and magnet. Watch this total teardown to learn more about microspeakers and see how they work for yourself.

Featured Technical Article

Stylized block diagram of Class-D Amplifier

Effortless IoT Audio

Low power audio is becoming a popular alternative to power-hungry visual displays on battery-powered devices. This design solution leverages the Class-D digital audio amplifier in a cleverly packaged IC, which requires minimal configuration.

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