Smart Home

Smart home


Smart home is a large and growing market that enables the digitization of the home, making it safer, more enjoyable, and more automated through technologies such as connected appliances, security cameras, and smart everything: locks, doorbells, TV displays and speakers, thermostats, and more.

The smart home market demands solutions that increase power, audio, and performance at the leading edge of connected living technology. Analog Devices’ technologies make it easier for consumers to be connected to their home while simultaneously increasing its energy efficiency. Key areas of excellence are ADI’s world-class audio components, ultra low power battery management innovations, 3D time of flight (ToF) imaging, and microcontroller units (MCUs) tailored toward ultra low power and small size.

Smart home control panel mounted on the wall

Power and Battery Management for Smart Home

IoT-optimized power and size yield longer device run times and faster, safer charging.

Virtual assistant/smart speaker with blue waves emanating

Audio Solutions for Smart Home

Superior sonic quality meets simplified design, space savings, and extended battery life.

Close up of cpu processor with security lock superimposed

MCUs and Security for Smart Home

Low power artificial intelligence at the edge enables the most advanced cybersecurity ever.


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Connected Appliances

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Floor Care Robot

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Home Fitness Equipment

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E-Bikes &

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Smart Speaker/Display

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Smart Hub: Home Gateway

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Home Smart Sensors

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Smart Doorbell

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Smart Lock

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Smart Remote Controls

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Smart Thermostat

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Home Security Cameras

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3D Imaging with ADI Time of Flight Technology

ADI offers industry-leading products and solutions that enable and enhance industry-leading performance for ToF systems and cameras, along with development tools and software/firmware to aid in the quick implementation of ToF solutions.

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Signal Chains


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