Personal Electronics

Analog Devices provides personal electronic solutions that serve as the bridge between the advanced digital processing available in today’s personal electronics and the myriad of sensors that interface with users in the real world. From the demands of integrating DSLR-quality camera performance and precision user interfaces into smartphones to the challenges of designing high fidelity audio and high efficiency power regulation in portable products—ADI’s cutting-edge performance helps bring a competitive edge to personal electronics products.

Battery Management for the Next Generation of Devices

As portable devices proliferate, the need for safe, secure, and effective battery management solutions is becoming increasingly important. ADI’s solutions reduce cost and save space, while simultaneously extending battery life.

Coffee maker next to microphone to show appliance noise suppression demo

Noise Suppression for Home Appliances Using SigmaDSP

Analog Devices demonstrates the use of our SigmaDSP processors to reduce the noise from common household appliances. In this demo, we demonstrate the reduction of the noise from a coffee machine.

Watch the noise suppression demo

Woman in VR goggles rotating virtual cube in air to represent 3D time of flight technology

3D Imaging with Time of Flight Technology

In AR/VR headsets, depth information acquired by the ToF system literally provides the user with an additional dimension of reality. In smartphones, the technology will enable cameras to develop DSLR-quality photographic effects, enable more realistic AR/VR features, and provide additional protection from unwanted external access.

Learn about ADI’s 3D ToF technology

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