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Analog Devices provides personal electronic solutions that serve as the bridge between the advanced digital processing available in today’s personal electronics and the myriad of sensors that interface with users in the real world. From the demands of integrating DSLR-quality camera performance and precision user interfaces into smartphones to the challenges of designing high fidelity audio and high efficiency power regulation in portable products—ADI’s cutting-edge performance helps bring a competitive edge to personal electronics products.

Ultra Low Power, Space-Saving Solutions for Power and Battery Management

ADI’s personal electronic solutions support optimal battery health, safety, and longevity in consumer electronics applications. We offer best-in-class battery fuel gauge ICs, comprehensive lithium-ion protection technology, and switched capacitor converters with up to 98% efficiency. Our personal electronic solutions leverage ultra low quiescent current to maximize run time, standby, shelf life, and overall battery longevity. In addition, ADI’s low power power management ICs (PMICs) enable low operating current, high efficiency power conversion, and compact form factors that are critical for space-constrained applications that run on small batteries.

With over 20 years’ history of fuel gauge innovation and over one billion devices shipped, ADI’s battery solutions offer faster, safer charging, smaller total solution sizes, highest power density, and highest efficiency across the entire load range. Unlock the full capacity of lithium-ion batteries with ADI’s personal electronic solutions.

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Simplifying Battery Management Complexity with AccuCharge Technology

As rechargeable batteries become more and more prevalent in personal electronic devices, see how ADI’s novel AccuCharge™ technology can help ensure the safest charging and discharge conditions.

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Spread the Word: This is the Power of Silence

Sudden changes in power requirement can require PCB layout changes. Learn how ADI’s integrated power solution allows you to reconfigure your power specs on the fly for multi-cell battery applications while staying out of the audible frequency range.

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Dynamic Speaker Management

Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) smart amplifiers combine high performance current and voltage (IV) sense amplifiers with a patented DSM algorithm to create louder and richer sound from microspeakers.

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Accurate Fuel Gauging

Accurate Fuel Gauging Without Battery Characterization

ModelGauge™ m5 EZ fuel gauge configuration is an innovative, adaptive fuel-gauging approach, delivering the most accurate fuel-gauge performance across many different battery chemistries, capacities, and charge voltages.

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USB-C plug and socket

How to Shrink Your USB Type-C Battery Charger

This article reviews a typical USB Type-C charging system and shows how to simplify the design while delivering more power and more functionality in a smaller space.

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More Boom, Less Room: Audio Solutions for Personal Electronics

Analog Devices audio solutions harness technological breakthroughs such as Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) to deliver more: more volume, more bass, and more quality than standard Class D amplifiers, neatly packaged into smaller-than-ever micro speaker designs. DSM smart amplifiers combine high-performance current and voltage (IV) sense amplifiers with a patented algorithm to enable up to a 2.5× increase in loudness (sound pressure level) while significantly improving bass response. Ultra low power output makes these micro speaker audio solutions ideal for personal electronics applications, from gaming to smartphones.

Stylized block diagram of Class-D Amplifier

Make Wearable and IoT Audio Effortless with a Plug and Play Class-D Amplifier

Low power audio is quickly replacing power-hungry visual displays in personal electronics. See how you can bring high quality audio to IoT applications with minimal configuration.

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Microspeaker 101

Microspeakers have the same three main components as standard speakers: the diaphragm, coil, and magnet. Watch this total teardown to learn more about microspeakers and see how they work for yourself.

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MAX98090 Fully Integrated Audio CODEC

The MAX98090 evaluation system let you quickly stream music through headsets and speakers and allows you to change gain, filters, and equalization graphically through an easy to use tool. Watch the tutorial.

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Ultra Low Power MCUs and IoT Security

ADI’s microcontroller units (MCUs) for the IoT combine the biggest embedded memories in their class with ultra low power technology so you can design smarter and more secure IoT products without running out of code space or battery life. Our innovative hardware and deep learning models bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the edge, enabling functions such as battery authentication and interconnectivity within the IoT, all using just microjoules of energy.

ADI’s secure authentication ICs for the IoT employ hardware-based embedded security to achieve low cost IP protection and trusted operation. Our turnkey solutions provide a core set of fixed-function crypto features for ease of implementation. In our physical unclonable function (PUF)-based ChipDNATM secure authenticators, each IC’s unique, embedded key is based on a PUF, making it immune to all known invasive attack tools and capabilities.

DS28S60 DeepCover cryptographic coprocessor board

IoT Security Reference Design with ChipDNA PUF Technology

ChipDNA PUF, or physically unclonable function, uses the physical characteristics that are unique to the particular chip to create a set of secret keys that are never exposed outside of the device.

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AI at the Edge – Without Sacrifices

Running artificial intelligence applications on an IoT device usually requires sacrificing energy, speed or cost. Learn how ADIs ultra-low power MAX78002 enables AI at the edge without sacrifices – at similar performance to a GPU.

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DeepCover® Security Lab

The Security Lab has been created to teach you how to successfully apply security protocols in your system or product. It is designed to help you understand the importance of security, learn cryptographic terminology, and be able to apply them using the latest secure authenticator products. 

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Face Identification Using MAX78000

Performance and complexity are balanced to achieve maximum results with minimum power in this edge-based application of FaceID.

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High quality over ear headphones and blue sound waves

Choose the Ideal Bluetooth Protocol for Your Design

This application note explains the differences between Bluetooth® LE and Bluetooth BR/EDR, how Bluetooth 5 promises to enhance both protocols, and ways to choose the version that is optimal for your design.

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The MAX32655: Why Two Cores Are Better Than One

For computers and smartphones, all the computing cores are as nearly identical as possible so that tasks can be distributed as needed. But for deeply embedded processors, it’s often better to have multiple, specialized cores.

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