Hearables and Wearables

Analog Devices provides innovative solutions for high fidelity audio, longer battery life and advanced processing to enhance the user experience for hearable and wearable applications such as TWS Earbuds, Smartwatches, Over the Ear Headphones, and Smart Glasses.

Home Theater and Gaming

Analog Devices’ comprehensive solutions offer best in class performance for home theater, gaming and AR/VR applications. From soundbars and AVRs to gaming and augmented reality applications, we are creating more immersive, natural, and productive interactions between people and technology.

Smart Home

Analog Devices’ smart home enable the digitization of the home, transforming it to a safer, more enjoyable, and more automated environment. Our innovative technology makes it easier to be connected to your home while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency.

Personal Electronics

Analog Devices provides solutions that bridge the gap between the physical world and advanced digital processors in personal electronic devices. Our cutting-edge technology includes 3D vision, high fidelity audio, capacitive sensor controllers, power management, and advanced software algorithms.

Unified Communications and ProAV

We deliver high quality products & platform solutions for the Unified communications industry to deliver an immersive & seamless AV experience for work from office or home. Our professional AV solutions deliver the industry’s best performance AV technologies that enable a complete end to end immersive, impactful & dynamic digital AV experience.

What if technology made us listen to our bodies? What if it helped us adapt to our surroundings, inspired us to do healthy things or made us become better humans? It can.

Hear from Duncan Bosworth, GM of ADI’s Consumer Business as he discusses how consumer demand for technology is higher than ever and these products are engrained in our daily lives. But what if this technology could go beyond novelty and become a tool that supports and improves our quality of life?