Software Defined Radio

Reusable, software-configurable, and future-proof radio platforms which combine an RF-to-baseband transceiver PHY and a digital processor, allowing seamless connection to FPGA development platforms.

Wideband RF Signal Processing

Components, signal chains, and platform modules for digitizing DC - 2+ GHz wideband RF signals for demanding applications such as RF instrumentation, defense electronics, and communications infrastructure.

Wireless Infrastructure

RF ICs for the entire signal chain, along with converters, amplifiers and more, all supported by design resources to ease the design of wireless infrastructure equipment.

5G mmWave Wireless Communications

Complete 5G mmWave radio front end solution to meet size, power, and performance targeting network and customer premise equipment.

E-Band Radio

Baseband and mmW Front End E-band Chipset solution to address next generation wireless backhaul network requirements.

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The Deepest Expertise and the Broadest Portfolio in the RF Industry

Analog Devices is the only company with expertise and technologies spanning the entire RF spectrum.

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The Deepest Expertise and the Broadest Portfolio in the RF Industry