Telematics, eCall, and Networking

The automotive telematics control unit (TCU) provides advanced connected in-vehicle services such as networking and automotive audio bus (A2B®) for eCall, while also enabling vehicles to meet new safety and security regulations. In automotive electronic systems, there are many applications that require continuous power, even if there is an interruption in their primary power source and even if the car is parked (engine not running)—for example, remote keyless entry, security, and even personal infotainment systems.

Systems such as navigation, GPS location, and eCall functionality must remain on even when the car is not moving for emergency and security purposes. These automotive TCU functions ensure that an external operator can activate control if necessary. Analog Devices’ automotive IC solutions support the design of high performance TCU modules for backup battery charging, DC-to-DC power supply, diagnostics, and input-to-output isolation for enhanced fault tolerance.

A²B for Telematics, eCall, Networking, and More

Analog Devices’ A2B technology is increasingly being adopted by OEMs as a cost-effective and low latency solution for a range of telematics, overhead console, and eCall applications. A2B’s bus power capability eliminates the need for dedicated power/ground wires, which reduces overall system deployment costs. Additionally, an A2B bus can easily be reconfigured to enable an eCall ECU to become the A2B bus main node in a collision or other event where the vehicle’s head unit loses power.