Cluster Display and Rear Seat Entertainment

Car interior with displays and blue ambient light

Consumer desires and expectations have fuelled more than a decade of continual advancements for in-vehicle infotainment systems and automotive instrument clusters. Immersive audio and video cabin experiences, passenger entertainment, and driver-facing displays of vehicle and environmental information, navigation, and connectivity have all led to the proliferation of electronics in vehicles. Analog Devices offers a wide range of innovative analog ICs that significantly enhance the performance of automotive infotainment systems and instrument clusters to satisfy popular consumer demand.

High resolution thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT-LCDs) have become ubiquitous in modern life. Displays have become a major differentiation factor for car manufacturers. Our automotive display offerings consist of both power and signal chain solutions.

High Performance Power Solutions for Cluster/Display

Today’s multitude of vehicle automotive infotainment systems and instrument clusters require high power and a high level of safety. ADI’s automotive power solutions offer low quiescent current and a high level of integration that enables powering multiple voltage rails with a single IC.

High efficiency via modern design and processing technology drives increased power density and reduces thermal considerations. Design complexity and size are reduced along with offering ASIL capabilities for enhanced safety.

Futuristic vehicle instrument panelADI offers front-end DC-to-DC, front-end LDO, TFT bias, LED driver, power management integrated circuit (PMIC), and gamma buffer ICs that can help you build innovative and cost-effective display systems to meet today’s new and stringent automotive system requirements. In addition, our display power solutions offer ASIL B capability and comprehensive diagnostics that enable your display system to be safer and more reliable.

Since automotive displays are getting bigger and wider, lower power consumption and higher contrast are key needs; thus, local dimming displays are getting increasingly popular. We offer direct and matrix drive solutions to help you optimize power, system cost, and deliverability.

Edge-Lit LED Driver

The MAX25512 is the industry’s leading edge-lit LED driver with integrated boost FET, I2C control, and current sensing. It has superior efficiency during low input voltage applications.

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TFT Bias

The MAX25221/MAX25222 is the industry’s leading TFT bias integrated solution for low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) display. It offers five rails, including positive AVDD, negative AVDD, VGON, VGOFF, and VCOM. In addition, it offers comprehensive diagnostics to achieve ASIL B.

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Local Dimming Matrix LED Driver

The MAX25500/MAX25501 is the industry’s first matrix solution for automotive applications. It offers 96 zone support with integrated high side driver and with comprehensive diagnostics to achieve ASIL B. In addition, it has many features to help mitigate EMI and comply with the RI ISO 11452-9 standard.

Front-End DC-to-DC Power Supply

The 42 VIN MAX20404/MAX20405/MAX20406/MAX20408/MAX20410 is a family of high efficiency buck converters from 4 A to 10 A that are pin-to-pin compatible to scale the design with the level of power needed. For safety-critical systems, the ASIL B rated MAX25255 can generate two 8 A voltage rails. In complex systems with many voltage rails, generating multiple voltage rails from a single IC the MAX20030/MAX20031 offers two buck outputs, a boost output, and an LDO.

With input voltage transients, the output voltage may sometimes be below, above, or equal to the input voltage. The MAX25239/MAX25240 is a 4 A and 6 A buck-boost converter providing flexibility for these designs. If greater than 6 A is needed, the MAX20048 buck-boost controller enables even higher power designs.

Automotive Sensing Solutions for Cabin Experience and Infotainment

Hand motion controlling a car's instrument cluster via infrared beams

ADI offers infrared (IR)-based gesture sensing solutions for cars. Our intuitive user experience minimizes distraction and keeps drivers’ eyes on the road. A 10 × 6 integrated photodiode array with a single IC enables the most important hand gestures in automotive applications. ADI’s IR-based gesture sensor solution offers space savings up to 75% compared to time of flight (ToF) camera-based systems as well as up to 10× lower cost.

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Signal Chains


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