ADAS Sensor Fusion ECU

A sensor fusion electronic control unit (ECU)—also known as an electronic control module (ECM)—is an embedded system within an automobile that controls one or more of the electrical systems, functioning as the vehicle’s brain for automotive sensor fusion domain controllers. This module translates real-world sensor inputs to action, alerting the driver or assisting to alleviate potentially unsafe situations. Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) provides reliable analog ICs that enable the requisite automotive safety integrity levels, up to ASIL-D, for automotive ECMs.

ADAS ECUs support a number of advanced driver assistance systems aimed at further
increasing road safety.

Automotive Power Solutions for ADAS ECUs

Today’s increasingly sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) require higher power in smaller solution footprints. The perfect automotive power supply for a sensor fusion domain controller ECU would regulate with 36V or more at its input, taking care of load dumps or double-battery jumps. The IC’s very low dropout would maintain regulation through cold crank pulses regardless of shape. Finally, its low operating quiescent current and high efficiency would preserve the battery charge and meet automotive standby requirements.

In summary, automotive power management solutions for ECUs must be able to:

  • Handle high voltage situations like load dumps or double-battery jumps
  • Ride through low voltage cold-crank conditions
  • Draw minimal current in standby conditions, a.k.a. low quiescent current

ADI offers feature-rich automotive power solutions that achieve high efficiency, low noise, and minimal size by reducing external components and design complexity. Our portfolio offers varied ASIL capabilities to meet or exceed your design’s safety requirements.

Automotive GMSL Solutions for ADAS ECUs

ADI’s Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) products provide the ADAS ECU with the high data rate from the ADAS sensor modules. The GMSL link consists of serializers and deserializers. The serializers are in the sensor modules and the deserializers are in the ADAS ECU.

Signal Chains


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