Military Communications

Military Communications

ADI’s Unique Solutions for Secure Military Communications Applications

Performance requirements for secure military communications equipment in handheld, man-pack, shipborne, terrestrial, and vehicular radios are on the increase, and Analog Devices is continuously innovating to stay ahead of what’s possible. ADI technologies help solve the toughest industry-specific size, weight, power, performance, and cost challenges.

Secure Military Communications Featured Resources

ADRV9002 Evaluation Kit


Explore this high performance transceiver designed for performance vs. power consumption system optimization.

Milcom Signal Chain with Transceiver

Webcast: RF Front-End Design for the ADRV9002

This webcast focuses on the RF front-end circuitry required to complete a radio design using ADRV9002.

RF Product Selection Guide

RF Product Selection Guide

Find the best parts for your solution with our full portfolio of over 1000 RF products.

Network Elements and Applications Platforms

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Network Elements Application Platforms

Main Products

    Solutions where you need them

    Combined with high performance power solutions, advanced software-defined radio technology, and platform developments, our broad RF-to-bits portfolio and in-house domain expertise uniquely position Analog Devices as a valued solutions partner. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the technology, end applications, and challenges of innovation for secure military communications, providing an additional layer of support and helping customers reduce time to market for new designs.

    Software-Defined Radio (SDR)

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    Secure, reliable communications are critical to any mission. The ADI RadioVerse® family includes agile transceivers that are system-on-chip radio solutions that bring simplicity to the design of robust, high performance software-defined radios (SDR).

    Tactical Radio

    A soldier checks in by radio as his unit patrols

    The ADI RadioVerse family of narrow-band and wideband software-defined radio transceivers provides 30 MHz to 6 GHz frequency coverage and 12 kHz to 40 MHz channel bandwidths—a first of its kind. Coupled with families for power management, RF amplifiers, tunable filters, clocks, and PLLs, ADI is your one stop shop for tactical radio RF design, offering:

    • High speed ADCs and DACs that enable wideband capabilities
    • GaAs and GaN amplifiers for higher power and efficiency in smaller footprints
    • PLL, VCO, mixer, filter, and amplifier products for upconversion to X- and K-bands

    Satellite Communications (Satcom)

    Military mobile Earth stations in a mountainous setting

    ADI supports discrete and integrated RF and mmW signal chains for mobile satcom (BGAN and VSAT), ground stations, and airborne applications across all frequencies from legacy VHF/UHF to V band.

    5G in the Battlefield

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    5G wireless introduces low latency, ubiquitous high speed data connectivity with higher throughput. It also creates interoperability between disparate systems so that legacy technology can mesh seamlessly with cutting-edge resources. Together, these capabilities could transform:

    • Real-time secure command and control
    • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)
    • Electronic warfare (EW)

    In support of this transformation, ADI is creating technologies that enable 5G to work across multiple applications, including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, predictive analysis, and environmental sensing.

    Signal Chains


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