Trigonometric Operations with the 433

(The Powers of Non-Integral Exponents)

A new approximation technique appears to presage promising results in the low-cost analog simulation of trigonometric relationships. Applications include low-cost resolvers, coordinate transformations (especially Cartesian-to-polar), and generation of time functions. Read full article


Dan Sheingold

Dan Sheingold

Dan Sheingold, editor of Analog Dialogue since 1969 (Vol. 3), received a BSEE “with distinction” from WPI in 1948 and an MSEE from Columbia University in 1949. After 19 years with George A. Philbrick Researches, Inc., working with and writing about applications of analog computers and operational amplifiers—including the editing of the widely distributed Applications Manual–Computing Amplifiers—he joined Analog Devices. At ADI, besides Analog Dialogue, he has edited books on data converters (several editions), nonlinear circuits, and transducer interfacing, as well as Richard Higgins’s Digital Signal Processing in VLSI. In 1990 he was elected a Fellow of the IEEE, “for contributions to the understanding and use of analog devices and data converters.”