Monolithic CMOS A/D Converter: 12-Bits in 5 µs

AD7572 Has Buried Zener Reference, DAC, Comparator, S-A Circuitry, Latches; LC2MOS Process Results in Excellent Performance, Smaller Package (0.3" DIP)

The AD7572 is a complete true-12-bit a/d converter with both high speed (5-microsecond conversion time) and low power dissipation (165 mW maximum). It is fabricated in the Analog Devices linear-compatible CMOS (LC2MOS) process, an advanced, all ion-implanted process that combines fast CMOS logic and linear bipolar circuitry on a single chip; this means that it can achieve excellent analog performance while retaining the low power levels and high circuit packing density that are inherent in CMOS. Read full article