Fast, Flexible Switched Dual-Input Op Amp and Comparator

Use This IC as a Modulator/Demodulator, Lock-In Amplifier, Phase Detector, Synchronous Detector, Rectifier, Dual-Mode Circuit, ...And Much More

Model AD630 is an unusual new low-cost, single-chip, precision analog IC that can be used for the above functions with little or no additional circuitry. As a lock-in amplifier, it can recover a 0.1 Hz sine wave, transmitted as a modulation on a 400-Hz carrier, from a band-limited, clipped white-noise signal approximately 100,000 times larger—a dynamic range greater than 100dB. Read full article



Paul Brokaw


Moshe Gerstenhaber

Moshe Gerstenhaber is a division fellow at Analog Devices. He began his career at ADI in 1978 and has held various senior positions over the years in manufacturing, product engineering, and product design. Moshe is currently the design manager of the Integrated Amplifier Products Group. He has made significant contributions in the field of amplifier design, especially very-high-precision specialty amplifiers such as instrumentation and difference amplifiers.


Steve Miller