Reliability Data & Tools

Analog Devices has a very active reliability monitoring and prediction program to ensure all products shipped by ADI are of the highest quality. ADI conducts all major classes of reliability tests on each of its processes utilizing state of the art equipment and methodologies. Results of accelerated environmental stress tests are extrapolated into standard operating conditions to predict useful lifetimes and ensure our products have some of the highest reliability levels in the industry. We invite you to learn more through the links below searchable by product or process/package family.

Wafer Fabrication Data

High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL), Failures in Time (FIT), Mean Time to Fail (MTTF).

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Assembly/Package Process Data

Autoclave (PCT), Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST), High Temperature Storage (HTS), Temperature Cycling Test (TCT), Temperature Humidity Bias (THB), Thermal Shock Test (TST), Unbiased HAST.

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