Analog Devices Hosts Open RAN Policy Coalition Reception

Mar 1 2023 - Wilmington, MA and Barcelona, Spain
  • Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) hosted an Open RAN Policy Coalition (ORPC) networking event last night as part of its larger Open RAN presence at Mobile World Congress (MWC). ORPC promotes policies that further the adoption of open and interoperable Radio Access Network solutions, advancing innovation, expanding supply chain diversity, and speeding time to market for advanced wireless technologies such as 5G. The attendees included ORPC members, policy experts, and leaders from across the telecoms industry.

    “Open RAN’s potential for technology innovation and industry transformation has been a focal point for ADI and MWC this year. Open RAN’s greater interoperability increases choice in radio-access network gear, accelerating innovation and reducing cost. To achieve these goals, however, a robust ecosystem with an informed regulatory environment supportive of Open RAN goals will be critical. The ORPC plays an important role in facilitating the necessary relationships and discussions among industry participants and governmental organizations,” said Andy McLean, Corporate Vice President, Communications and Cloud at ADI.

    “Open RAN Policy Coalition members believe that with continued support for policies that lower barriers to entry, promote innovation, increase competition, and reduce costs, we can create a thriving marketplace for 5G and beyond. Key in our endeavors is fostering public-private cooperation towards the shared goal of an ecosystem that is diverse, resilient, and secure. This informal event presented a wonderful opportunity to connect with our members and partners to share ideas as we work together to promote open and interoperable networks,” said Diane Rinaldo, Executive Director, Open RAN Policy Coalition.

    For more information, please visit ADI's MWC web page.

    About Open Ran Policy Coalition

    Open Ran Policy Coalition is a group of companies formed to promote policies that will advance the adoption of open and interoperable solutions in the Radio Access Network (RAN) as a means to create innovation, spur competition and expand the supply chain for advanced wireless technologies including 5G.

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