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SmartMesh IP 解决方案

A SmartMesh IP network consists of a highly scalable self-forming multi-hop mesh of wireless nodes, known as motes, which collect and relay data, and a network manager that monitors and manages network performance and security, and exchanges data with a host application.

In addition to regular "mesh-mode," SmartMesh IP also supports an ultralow power roaming node feature, called Blink Mode.


Value and Benefits

SmartMesh solutions deliver reliable, ultralow power connectivity even in challenging, large area, densely deployed, and dynamic environments. By using Analog Devices’ SmartMesh IP solutions, users can reliably manage large scale networks with the security they need.

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Enable >99.999% data reliability in the most challenging RF environments

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Place sensors anywhere with >10-year battery life

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Avoid network stack development with complete wireless mesh resolution

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