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Isolated Gate Driver Solutions

Isolated gate drive and sense signal chains combine robust switch control and scalable multichannel monitoring into a flexible solution covering a range of AC/DC and DC/AC applications. These signal chains combine Analog Devices’ isolated gate drivers, isolated power solutions, and precision converter technology to deliver output drive and protection for power switches including IGBTs and fast switching silicon carbide (SiC) devices. Combining digital isolation, amplifiers, and high-precision ADCs, our isolated gate drive and sense signal chains offer high accuracy monitoring of system voltages, currents, and temperatures.


Value and Benefits

Our solutions target applications such as automotive traction inverter/OBC, high power test, power inverters, power supplies, energy storage, and robotics. Different isolated gate drive and sense signal chain configurations target key areas such as highest protection and monitoring versus small footprint, and cover key requirements for gate drive, short-circuit protection, low delay, working voltage, high frequency switching, fast error response on the drive side, and scalable monitoring to deliver performance in accuracy, speed, and resolution on the sense side.

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Target key areas

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Cover key requirements on the drive side

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Address key requirements on the sense side


Power conversion with digital isolation circuit


Power conversion with analog isolation circuit


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