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Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasure Solutions

Effective electronic surveillance measures are critical to monitoring the electromagnetic spectrum and acting appropriately on friendly or hostile devices transmitting or receiving electromagnetic signals. This includes all types of communication, radars, weapons, and devices that are used to locate potential targets using emissions across a wide range of frequencies.

As customer expectations for equipment offering improved and additional capabilities evolve, Analog Devices recognizes the need to address current and next generation requirements. Our extensive antenna-to-bits RF portfolio, high-performance digitizers, industry-leading precision portfolio, and deep domain knowledge all come together to deliver highly integrated solutions. We bring a differentiated level of performance and enable rapid deployment of end equipment for electronic protection, electronic support, and electronic countermeasures.


Value and Benefits

Electronic surveillance and protection systems require long-range, wide-frequency surveying capabilities with high signal to noise and increased linearity to detect desired signals while mitigating the impact of interfering emitters. We support these technological advances with continuous development of state-of-the-art components, modules, and subsystems.

Surveillance receivers utilize our wideband ADCs, RF transceivers, low-noise amplifiers, and mixer technology to achieve unparalleled levels of sensitivity and detection. Our RF DACs and advanced synthesizers enable sophisticated signal generation in support of advanced countermeasures. Amplifiers using GaN processes offer higher power and efficiency in smaller footprints, even serving as TWT replacements using our specialized combining techniques.

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Enables sophisticated signal generation

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Achieves unparalleled levels of sensitivity

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Utilizes higher power and efficiency in a small footprint