Short Circuit Protection for SiC with Isolated Gate Drivers

Achieve reliable and fast short circuit protection (SCP) on SiC power devices using isolated gate drivers, and obtain a panoramic view of the short-circuit protection needs for SiC used in EV and renewable energy applications. We will discuss protection requirements from a SiC device perspective and explain the gate driver timing and functionality requirements. We will also present bench test results using ADI isolated gate drivers to protect Wolfspeed SiC power modules.

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Deepak Gunasekaran received the M.S. degree in Power Electronics from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He then went on to receive the Ph.D. degree in Power Electronics from Michigan State University, USA. He currently works as a Systems Applications Engineer at Analog devices. In his current role, he focuses on development of isolated gate drivers for wide bandgap devices and building system-level solutions around it. His research interests are in the areas of power electronics and wide bandgap devices.

  • 演讲人
  • Austin Curbow

    Wolfspeed Cree公司电源模块应用工程师

Austin已在Wolfspeed公司工作六年,担任电源模块事业部的应用工程师。他主要专注于Wolfspeed SiC电源模块的设计、验证和应用,特别是动态特性表征、栅极驱动器设计和寄生提取。