Precision Signal chain designs – trade off decisions for best noise performance

One of the greatest challenges in designing a precision data acquisition measurment signal chain is managing the noise balance between several stages of the signal chain. This webcast will look at how much gain is needed, can the gain stage drive the Analog to Digital converter directly and will digital filtering help? This webinar covers the challenges and trade offs in establishing the optimum signal conditioning solution starting from sensor to the Analog to Digital converter input.

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  • 演讲人
  • Rares Bodnar


自2012年起,Rares Bodnar一直担任混合信号IC设计人员,工作地点位于纽伯里英国设计中心。他的工作涉及有线和无线电源管理、精密信号调理、DAC和ADC。在过去一些年里,他专注于精密高速SAR型ADC。Rares拥有英国南安普顿大学理学硕士和博士学位,2016年开始担任兼职讲师。