Intelligent Motion Control Driving Higher Levels of Flexibility, Productivity and Sustainability in Smart Manufacturing

Consumer demand is driving a shift away from low mix, high volume manufacturing towards high mix, low volume manufacturing, which demands greater flexibility on the factory floor. Smart manufacturing using intelligent motion control can be reconfigured quickly to support more agile and scalable manufacturing, including batch size 1 production. Agile production built on intelligent motion control solutions increase resilience in a time of disruption and enables a faster response to changing customer demands. This webcast will provide an overview of intelligent motion control solutions and their importance to enables today's and tomorrow smart manufacturing.

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Maurice O’Brien是ADI公司工业自动化部的战略营销经理。他负责交付以工业自动化为重点的系统级解决方案。在此之前,Maurice在ADI公司的工业以太网领域工作了3年,在电源管理应用和营销领域工作了15年。他拥有爱尔兰利默里克大学的电子工程学士学位。联系方式

Chris Murphy是欧洲中央应用中心的应用工程师,工作地点在爱尔兰都柏林。他于2012年加入ADI公司,为电机控制和工业自动化产品提供设计支持。他拥有电气工程研究硕士学位和计算机工程学士学位。