Designing Software Configurable Systems for Industry 4.0

Future-proofing your industrial products for Industry 4.0 has increased the need for flexible industrial and process control systems. This webcast will outline new software configurable inputs & outputs (IOs) available and highlight what vital role they might play in your next control system design. It will also discuss some of the key trends within Process Control markets.

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Jonathan Law是ADI公司过程控制和工厂自动化总监。Jonathan在半导体行业工作了26年,在此之前,曾任职于TI、Agere Systems、Altera和PMC Sierra。他拥有技术和营销方面的背景知识,涵盖ASIC、DSP、网络处理、RF和模拟技术。目前,他负责规划ADI公司过程和工厂自动化部的战略愿景。

Jean McAdam是ADI公司过程控制和自动化战略营销经理。 在此之前,她负责ADI平台客户评估解决方案的营销活动,并担任软件系统工程师兼软件开发人员。她毕业于利默里克大学,获电子和计算机工程学士学位。