Bullseye! Transforming the Precision Narrow Bandwidth Design Journey

Precision narrow bandwidth signal chains prioritize low frequency specifications, delivering best-in-class accuracy, stability, and resolution. They enable robust, repeatable, high-quality measurement and drive solutions to tackle the most demanding precision challenges. Coupled with ADIs unrivaled portfolio of design support tools, these signal chains provide a simplified design journey, allowing you to get to market faster with a solution that generates superior insights within your end application. This webcast introduces ADI's precision narrow bandwidth platform, technology used to support these signal chains, and tools that empower system designers to build and optimize solutions for their most important parameters.

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Ryan Curran 是ADI 公司精密转换器业务部门的一名产品应用工程师。自2005 年加盟ADI 以来,他一直主要从事SAR ADC 方面工作。Ryan 获缅因大学欧洛诺电子工程学士学位,目前在阿默斯特马萨诸塞大学伊森伯格管理学院攻读工商管理硕士学位。