Analog Devices connectivity solutions bridge physical and digital worlds in the car

Automotive megatrends such as Personalization, Autonomy, Connectivity and Electrification are driving the rapid adoption of new features and applications that drastically enhance our driving experience. Analog Devices fuses deep market expertise and collaboration with industry leaders with cutting-edge connectivity technologies to provide optimum automotive connectivity solutions. In this webcast we will discuss how ADI's connectivity technologies bridge physical and digital world in the car.

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Vlad Bulavsky于1993年加入ADI,担任过多种职位。在过去10年里,Vlad一直积极参与领导汽车连接战略。

Ken Waurin是ADI公司的战略营销经理,负责汽车信息娱乐系统工作。他的主要关注点是高级音响、主动噪声消除和车内连接。

Paul Slattery is a strategic marketing manager with the Automotive Connectivity and Sensing Group at Analog Devices. Paul worked in applications and product engineering before joining the marketing team in 2016. Paul has in-depth knowledge of automotive connectivity solutions and helped define the C2B portfolio of products. Paul received his B.Eng. degree and an M.B.A. from the University of Limerick, Ireland. He can be contacted at

Fionn Hurley是位于爱尔兰利默里克的ADI公司汽车座舱电子业务部的营销经理。他于2007年加入ADI公司。之前担任RF设计工程师。他毕业于爱尔兰科克大学,获得电气与电子工程学士学位。联系方式。