Active Noise Cancellation Technology for Wireless Headphones

A multi-billion-dollar business, headphones continue to grow at a rapid pace in the marketplace. To keep up with consumer demand, audio manufacturers are always looking for solutions to create immersive experiences for people. Active noise cancellation helps provide a more immersive and natural interaction between people and technology. This webcast highlights advanced ADI technologies embedded in earphone/headphones showing how consumer electronic devices can provide a differentiated feature set.

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Eoin English是ADI公司爱尔兰欧洲研发中心的消费电子系统应用经理。Eoin拥有戈尔韦大学一级荣誉电子工程学士学位,于1997年加入ADI公司。2017年,Eoin获得了麻省理工学院系统设计管理证书,目前拥有26项美国授权专利。