uCBF54x Start Kit and System Module by Arcturus

uCBF54x BoardThe uCBF54x-Start Kit and System Module by Arcturus Networks speeds development of a range of embedded media devices for commercial or industrial applications that use SIP signaling to enable multichannel voice, audio, mini-PBX, or IP video. The uCBF54x comes packaged in two main forms: an FCC-prequalified development kit (Start Kit) complete with implementation examples, or as a system-on-a-module (System Module) suited for dropping directly into end-products.

The uCBF54x Start Kit and System Module is based on a small form-factor embedded processor module that uses the high-performance 533 MHz Blackfin BF548 processor to support up to six channels of audio. This system-level solution integrates all subsystem components, including memory, codecs, transceivers, and network controllers, to develop most applications with only limited external circuitry. Software includes an open source uClinux™ BSP (board support package) and Arcturus Voice and Management Middleware, including a complete SIP and RTP stack. A host board is provided as part of the Start Kit and can be used as a reference for hardware and software development.

The combination of vendor-proven hardware, open source software, and middleware offers engineers the best of both worlds: flexibility to customize, integrate, and control the software, while having Arcturus to rely on for support.

uCBF54x Start Kit Contents (ADSP-3PARCBF548E02)

  • uCBF54x System Module (ADSP-3PARCBF548M01)
  • uCBF54x host board
  • Preinstalled software system with out-of-the-box demo
  • Cable kit with headset and power supply
  • Dedicated support site and installation support provided by Arcturus

uCBF54x System Module Hardware (ADSP-3PARCBF548M01)

  • Blackfin BF548 processor at 533 MHz
  • 32Mbyte NOR Flash, 64MByte DDR-SDRAM
  • 10/100 Ethernet, RS232, RS485, Serial UARTS
  • Up to 6 analog audio inputs and outputs
  • 57mm x 67mm - 200 pin module
  • Note: All licenses for middleware use are bundled with the uCBF54x module

Downloadable Software for Start Kit/System Module

  • Arcturus Voice and Media Middleware
  • Complete SIP and RTP stack with telephony application
  • Https web interface with complete html pages, wizards, and tools
  • Https remote provisioning
  • APIs for application integration
  • uClinux 2.6. uClibc, GNU tools

Ordering Options

  • uCBF54x- Development Start Kit Without Daughter Cards (ADSP-3PARCBF548E02)
  • uCBF548 System Module (ADSP-3PARCBF548M01)

Example Applications

  • Industrial VoIP
  • Healthcare
  • Building Security
  • Transportation
  • Point-of-Service




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For support questions, please contact: Arcturus Networks.