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ADI is committed to helping you design and build the very best environmental monitoring measurement systems. By switching to ADI you will get the more performance out of low power systems to meet increasingly stringent safety regulations. ADI has a broad product portfolio for low power, low noise and integrated solutions for portable, battery powered instrumentation. We reduce equipment size by developing parts that add functionality per square inch and speed your time to market by reducing and simplifying development efforts with tools and reference designs.

Do you need to

  • Design portable systems
  • That run for longer
  • And fit more functionality into increasingly smaller system units

ADI gives you:

  • Low power precision components
  • Integrated solutions
  • Including low power amplifiers, references, and ADCs together with integrated analog microcontrollers.

Our technology enables a wide range of innovative equipment used to identify and characterize liquids, powders, solids, and gases.




Low Power Amplifiers

  • ADA4505-2: 10 µA, RRIO, Zero Input Crossover Distortion Dual Op Amp
  • AD8502: Low power, precision CMOS operational amplifiers featuring a maximum supply current of 1 µA per amplifier

Low Power ADCs

  • AD7450: Differential Input, 1 MSPS, 12-BIT SAR ADCConsumes well under 0.1mW under slower conversion rates

Integrated Analog Microcontrollers

  • ADuCM350: Low Power Precision Analog Microcontroller, ARM Cortex M3 with Dual Sigma-Delta ADCs
  • ADuCM360: Low Power Precision Analog Microcontroller, ARM Cortex M3 with Dual Sigma-Delta ADCs

Buck-Boost DC-to-DC Converter

  • ADP2503: Allows operation from 2.7V to 5.5V Vin only 38µA supply current


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