RF & Microwave

Analog Devices offers the broadest portfolio of RF ICs, covering the entire RF signal chain from DC to beyond 100 GHz, now available on Analog.com. With over 1000 high performance RF ICs, ADI offers a wide variety of RF function blocks, as well as highly integrated solutions for the Communication, Test & Measurement Instrumentation, and Aerospace & Defense markets. These products are supported by a full range of design resources to ease the development of RF systems, including free design tools, FMC rapid prototyping platforms, Circuits from the Lab® reference designs, and EngineerZone® technical forums.

RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave ICView 2016 Selection Guide

Analog Design Tool: ADIsimRF™

ADIsimRF is an easy-to-use RF signal chain calculator. It calculates Cascaded Gain, Noise Figure, IP3, P1dB and Power Consumption. The number of stages can be varied up to a maximum of 20. Stages can be easily inserted, removed or temporarily muted.



ADI’s wideband, fixed value attenuators, digital attenuators, and voltage variable attenuators (VVAs) help meet designers’ diverse needs for multiple applications and industries.

Communications Analog Front Ends

ADI communications AFE products are components optimized to make use of smart partitioning by integrating amplifiers, filters, receive ADCs, and/or transmit path data conversions.

Direct Digital Synthesis

ADI direct digital synthesis ICs incorporate features such as on-board comparators, RAM, PLLS, mixers, and registers that make them ideal agile frequency synthesizer solutions.

Frequency Dividers, Multipliers, & Detectors

ADI frequency dividers, multipliers, and detectors offers a number of high performance solutions to meet the demands of modern technology.

I/Q Modulators & Demodulators

ADI I/Q modulators and demodulators operate at frequencies up to microwave and feature a combination of high performance, broadband operating frequency, and flexibility.


ADI’s portfolio of frequency mixing solutions provides designers the best performance and options for their high performance RF, microwave, and millimeter wave application needs.

Phase Shifters & Vector Modulators

Analog Devices’ portfolio of analog phase shifters, digital phase shifters, and vector modulators provides controllable phase shift that’s ideal for multiple designs.


ADI’s leading PLL synthesizers family includes single and dual PLLs, as well as fractional-N and integer-N, and highly integrated PLLs with VCOs.

Quadrature Digital Up Converters (QDUC)

ADI digital up/downconverters act as the frequency translator and digital filter between data converters and DSP blocks, and also meet various digital data conversion requirements.

RF Amplifiers

ADI RF ICs cover the entire RF signal chain, meeting all of RF system design needs with industry-leading RF function blocks and highly integrated multifunctional solutions.

RF Connectorized Modules & Instrumentation

RF Power Detectors

Recognized as the pioneer and leader in RF power detectors, ADI offers a broad portfolio of high performance logarithmic amplifiers and TruPwr™ rms detectors.

RF Switches

The ADI ADG901 series includes the highest bandwidth CMOS switches and multiplexers available, contributing to reduced solution costs and PCB board space.

Timing ICs & Clocks

Analog Devices offers innovative clock and timing solutions designed to improve system performance, enable new architectures, and lower development and manufacturing costs.

Tunable Filters

Analog Devices family of tunable filters includes programmable VGA, low-pass harmonic, band-pass, and band-reject portfolios to suit a large range of applications.

Variable Gain Amplifiers

ADI RF VGAs, IF VGAs, and variable gain control products offer the high performance needed for communications, instrumentation, and military designs.


Analog Devices’ portfolio of voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) and phase-locked oscillators (PLOs) covers a range of healthcare, military, and communications applications.