- Design tool reduces differential amplifier design calculations from hours to minutes.
- Provides engineers complete test and verification process to reduce design risks.
- Free design tool -- free evaluation boards –product samples available.

Norwood, MA (07/08/2009) - Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) released today the ADI Diff Amp Calculator -- an updated, downloadable version of ADI’s popular ADIsimDiffAmp™ design tool. The free, graphical calculator reduces engineering calculation times from hours to minutes, speeding the selection, evaluation and troubleshooting of ADI’s differential amps using typical data to mathematically model the behavior of a component. Designers can quickly and easily calculate gain and component values of a diff-amp circuit for terminated or un-terminated loads, determine the input/output and Vocm voltage range, as well as calculate noise and power dissipation.

Using the ADI Diff Amp Calculator, along with free evaluation boards and product samples, engineers can complete time-consuming test and verification processes quickly for reduced design risk and improved time-to-market.

ADI Diff Amp Calculator Features and Benefits

  • Automate time-consuming calculations required to determine optimal levels for gain, termination resistors, power dissipation, noise output and input common-mode voltage.
  • Create unlimited “what if” scenarios as data changes appear in real-time.
  • Intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) features an interactive dashboard.
  • Use a “point and click” method for quickly and easily adding and changing data.
  • Supports ADI’s differential amp products including ADA4950-1/2, ADA4939-1/2, ADA4938-1/2, ADA4937-1/2, ADA4932-1/2, ADA4927-1/2, AD8139, AD8138, AD8137 and AD8132.

Try the ADI Diff Amp Calculator™; get free evaluation boards and product samples at links below:

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