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TOOLS, SOFTWARE & SIMULATION MODELS — 5B37 : Isolated Thermocouple Input Signal Conditioning Module

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I/O Subsystem Software Tools (1)
  • 5B I/O Subsystem Software Tools
    • 5BCUSTOM.ZIP  (zip, 2111 kB)
      5B Custom Program for Windows 3.1. 5B Custom program assists users of 5B Series of signal conditioners in selecting Custom-Ranged 5B Modules. The program also lists general 5B information, ranges, application notes, etc... [D/L Time 22.5 min @ 14.4Kbps]. 2162562 01-22-96
      Steps on how to deal with noise with the 5B modules. 4096 10-27-93 (txt, 4,096 bytes)
      Windows Conversion Utility Program for common temperature sensing devices. Sensors (Ver 1.2) Dated: Feb 15, 1994. 351525 08-24-95 (zip, 351,525 bytes)
      Simple steps explaining Temperature Conversion for our Thermocouple Modules (3B, 5B, 7B). 1920 07-09-93 (txt, 2,136 bytes)
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