When communicating at high data rates, or over long distances differential data transmission offers superior performance in most applications. Differential signals can help nullify the effects of ground shifts and induced noise signals that can appear as common mode voltages on a network. The RS-485 specification meets the requirements for a truly multi-point communications network, and the standard specifies up to 32 drivers and 32 receivers on a single (2-wire) bus. Some RS-485 Transceivers modify the input impedance to allow up to 8-times more nodes to be connected to the same bus. The most common RS-485 application is inter-programmable logic controller communication in industrial environments. Other common uses are point of sale terminals in stores and remote meters. Analog Devices offers a wide range of standard RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers and iCoupler® Isolated RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers to suit many applications.

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  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance

  • The iCoupler® family of digital isolation products have been safety tested (basic and reinforced) and approved by various regulatory agencies. View Compliance Information

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Isolated RS-485

Part# Insulation Rating (kVrms)ESD Protection VDataRate RS-485Pwr Supply (Vnom)Integrated isoPowerIntegrated Transformer Dr# of Nodes On BusShutdown/DisableDriver/Receiver EnableFail SafeUS Price 1000-4999Protocols
ADM2682E5KV rms15 kV16Mbps+3.3, +5Yes-256-YesOpen, Short $7.5Isolated RS-485, RS-422, RS-485
ADM2687E5KV rms15 kV500Kbps+3.3, +5Yes-256-YesOpen, Short $6.5Isolated RS-485, RS-422, RS-485
ADM24812.5KV rms---500Kbps+3 to +5 & ISO +5----256NoYesOpen, Short $3.04Isolated RS-485
ADM2582E2.5KV rms15 kV16Mbps+3.3, +5YesYes256NoYesOpen, Short $6.5Isolated RS-485, RS-422, RS-485
ADM2587E2.5KV rms15 kV500Kbps+3.3, +5YesYes256NoYesOpen, Short $5.5Isolated RS-485, RS-422, RS-485
ADM2482E2.5KV rms15 kV16Mbps+3 to +5 & ISO +3-Yes256NoYesOpen, Short $4.66Isolated RS-485
ADM2484E5KV rms15 kV500Kbps+3 to +5 & ISO +3----256NoYesOpen, Short $3.04Isolated RS-485, RS-422, RS-485
ADM2487E2.5KV rms15 kV500Kbps+3 to +5 & ISO +3-Yes256NoYesOpen, Short $3.64Isolated RS-485
ADM2491E5KV rms8 kV16Mbps+3 to +5 & ISO +5----32NoYesOpen $4.76Isolated RS-485, RS-422
ADM2485Reference Circuit Available2.5KV rms---16Mbps+3 to +5 & ISO +5-Yes50NoYesOpen $5.57Isolated RS-485
ADM2490E5KV rms8 kV16Mbps+3 to +5 & ISO +5----32NoNoOpen $4.55Isolated RS-485, RS-422
ADM24832.5KV rms---500Kbps+3 to +5 & ISO +5----256NoYesOpen, Short $3.04Isolated RS-485
ADM24862.5KV rms---20Mbps+3 to +5 & ISO +5----50NoYesOpen $5.04Isolated RS-485
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Interface RS-485 And RS-422

Part# Pwr Supply (Vnom)DataRate RS-485Data Rate RS-422# of Nodes On BusAutomotive QualifiedUS Price 1000-4999Full or Half DuplexDriver/Receiver EnableFail SafeESD Protection V
ADM1485+530Mbps30Mbps32- $1.63HalfYesOpen---
ADM1486+530Mbps30Mbps50- $2.07HalfYesOpen---
ADM1487E+52.5Mbps2.5Mbps128- $1.32HalfYesOpen15 kV
ADM1490E+516Mbps16Mbps32- $1.15FullNoOpen8 kV
ADM1491E+516Mbps16Mbps32- $1.15FullYesOpen8 kV
ADM2481+3 to +5 & ISO +5500Kbps500Kbps256- $3.04HalfYesOpen, Short---
ADM2482E+3 to +5 & ISO +316Mbps16Mbps256- $4.66FullYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM2484E+3 to +5 & ISO +3500Kbps500Kbps256- $3.04FullYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM2485Reference Circuit Available+3 to +5 & ISO +516Mbps16Mbps50- $5.57HalfYesOpen---
ADM2487E+3 to +5 & ISO +3500Kbps500Kbps256- $3.64FullYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM2490E+3 to +5 & ISO +516Mbps16Mbps32- $4.55FullNoOpen8 kV
ADM2491E+3 to +5 & ISO +516Mbps16Mbps32- $4.76FullYesOpen8 kV
ADM2582E+3.3, +516Mbps16Mbps256- $6.5FullYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM2587E+3.3, +5500Kbps500Kbps256- $5.5FullYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3070E+3.3250Kbps250Kbps256- $1.62FullYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3071E+3.3250Kbps250Kbps256- $1.57FullNoOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3072E+3.3250Kbps250Kbps256- $1.52HalfYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3073E+3.3500Kbps500Kbps256- $1.62HalfYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3074E+3.3500Kbps500Kbps256- $1.57FullNoOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3075E+3.3500Kbps500Kbps256Yes $1.52HalfYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3076E+3.316Mbps16Mbps256- $1.62FullYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3077E+3.316Mbps16Mbps256- $1.57FullNoOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3078E+3.316Mbps16Mbps256- $1.55HalfYesOpen, Short15 kV
ADM3483+3.3250Kbps250Kbps32- $0.91HalfYesOpen---
ADM3483E+3.3250Kbps250Kbps32- $1.32HalfYesOpen15 kV
ADM3485+3.310Mbps10Mbps32- $1.01HalfYesOpen---
ADM3485EReference Circuit Available+3.312Mbps12Mbps32- $1.32HalfYesOpen15 kV
ADM3486E+3.32.5Mbps2.5Mbps32- $1.32HalfYesOpen15 kV
ADM3488+3.3250Kbps250Kbps32- $0.91FullNoOpen---
ADM3488E+3.3250Kbps250Kbps32- $1.32FullNoOpen15 kV
ADM3490+3.310Mbps10Mbps32- $1.01FullNoOpen---
ADM3490E+3.312Mbps12Mbps32- $1.37FullNoOpen15 kV
ADM3491+3.310Mbps10Mbps32- $1.37FullYesOpen---
ADM3491E+3.312Mbps12Mbps32- $1.42FullYesOpen15 kV
ADM3493+3.3250Kbps250Kbps256- $0.96HalfYesOpen---
ADM4168E+510Mbps10Mbps-- $0.8HalfYes-15 kV
ADM483+5250Kbps250Kbps32- $0.67HalfYesOpen---
ADM483E+5250Kbps250Kbps32- $1.27HalfYesOpen15 kV
ADM485+55Mbps5Mbps32- $1.31HalfYesOpen---
ADM4850+5115Kbps115Kbps256- $0.71HalfYesOpen, Short---
ADM4851+5500Kbps500Kbps256- $0.71HalfYesOpen, Short---
ADM4852+52.5Mbps2.5Mbps256- $0.71HalfYesOpen, Short---
ADM4853+510Mbps10Mbps256- $0.71HalfYesOpen, Short---
ADM4854+5115Kbps115Kbps256- $0.71FullNoOpen, Short---
ADM4855+5500Kbps500Kbps256- $0.71FullNoOpen, Short---
ADM4856+52.5Mbps2.5Mbps256- $0.71FullNoOpen, Short---
ADM4857+510Mbps10Mbps256- $0.71FullNoOpen, Short---
ADM485E+52.5Mbps2.5Mbps32- $1.32HalfYesOpen15 kV
ADM487E+5250Kbps250Kbps128Yes $1.32HalfYesOpen15 kV
ADM488+5250Kbps250Kbps32- $1.11FullNoOpen---
ADM488A+5250Kbps250Kbps32- $0.9FullNo--
ADM489+5250Kbps250Kbps32- $1.62FullYesOpen---
ADM489A+5250Kbps250Kbps32- $1.05FullYes--
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