The RS-232 specification allows for reliable data transmission from one transmitter to one receiver at data rates of up to 20K bits/second over relatively short distances (up to 50 feet). On more recent RS-232 Transceiver chips, data rates of up to 1Mbps are achievable over shorter distances (up to 5 feet). The most common applications for RS-232 Transceivers are computers and peripherals, mobile phone data cables and diagnostic data ports. Analog Devices offers a wide range of RS-232 Transceivers to suit many applications.

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  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance

  • The iCoupler® family of digital isolation products have been safety tested (basic and reinforced) and approved by various regulatory agencies. View Compliance Information.

Isolated RS-232

Part# Min VccInsulation Rating (kVrms)Max Data RateESD Protection VShutdown/Disable#Tx# RxFeaturesIcc UnloadedUS Price 1000-4999
ADM3252E3V2.5KV rms460Kbps15 kVNo22Isolation110mA $8.49
ADM3251E4.5V2.5KV rms460Kbps15 kVNo11Isolation110mA $2.99
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Interface RS-232

Part# Min Vcc#Tx# RxMax Data Rate# Rx Active in Shutdown# CapacitorsAutomotive QualifiedProtocolsShutdown/Disable15 kV ESD ProtectedUS Price 1000-4999
ADM3101E3V11460Kbps-4-RS-232NoYes $0.89
ADM3232E3V22460Kbps-5-RS-232NoYes $1.37
ADM3310E2.7V35460Kbps25-RS-232YesYes $1.52
ADM3315E2.7V33460Kbps15-RS-232YesYes $1.52
ADM3307E2.7V531Mbps15-RS-232YesYes $1.47
ADM3312E2.7V33460Kbps15-RS-232YesYes $1.47
ADM2209E10.8V610920Kbps22-RS-232YesYes $2.78
ADM101E4.5V11460Kbps12-RS-232YesYes $0.78
ADM3311E2.7V35460Kbps15-RS-232YesYes $1.72
ADM206E4.5V43230Kbps04-RS-232YesYes $2.23
ADM13853V22460Kbps24-RS-232YesNo $1.42
ADM32223V22460Kbps24-RS-232YesNo $1.37
ADM32023V22460Kbps-4-RS-232NoYes $1.37
ADM1181A4.5V22230Kbps-4-RS-232NoYes $1.42
ADM202E4.5V22230Kbps-4-RS-232NoYes $1.48
ADM207E4.5V53230Kbps-4-RS-232NoYes $2.32
ADM208E4.5V44230Kbps-4-RS-232NoYes $2.23
ADM211E4.5V45230Kbps04-RS-232YesYes $2.32
ADM213E4.5V45230Kbps24-RS-232YesYes $2.32
ADM2064.5V43120Kbps04-RS-232YesNo $2.38
ADM2074.5V53120Kbps-4-RS-232NoNo $2.47
ADM2084.5V44120Kbps-4-RS-232NoNo $2.4
ADM2094.5V35120Kbps-2-RS-232NoNo **
ADM2114.5V45120Kbps04-RS-232YesNo $1.94
ADM2134.5V45120Kbps24-RS-232YesNo $2.4
ADM5603V45116Kbps24-RS-232YesNo $2.41
ADM5613V45116Kbps04-RS-232YesNo $2.41
ADM2024.5V22120Kbps-4-RS-232NoNo $1.27
ADM2224.5V22200Kbps04-RS-232YesNo $1.58
ADM232A4.5V22200Kbps-4-RS-232NoNo $1.58
ADM2424.5V22200Kbps24-RS-232YesNo $1.58
ADM51709V80116Kbps00-RS-232YesNo $2.75
ADM232L4.5V22120Kbps-4-RS-232NoNo $1.27
ADM233L4.75V22120Kbps-0-RS-232NoNo $2.79
ADM237L4.75V53120Kbps-4-RS-232NoNo $2.31
ADM238L4.5V44120Kbps-4-RS-232NoNo $2.4
ADM241L4.5V45120Kbps04-RS-232YesNo $2.31
AD73064.75V325Mbps-4-RS-232NoNo $8.02
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