Analog Devices Marks 50th Anniversary with Expanded Support of FIRST Promoting Science and Technology to Youth (19 Jan 15)

Analog Devices Unveils Direct Conversion Receiver Development Platform for Radar Systems (10 Dec 14)

Hittite Microwave Products from Analog Devices Now Available Through ADI’s Worldwide Sales Distribution Network (08 Dec 14)

Low-Jitter 1.25-GSPS Clock Optimizes JESD204B Serial Interface Functionality in GSPS Data Converter Applications (02 Dec 14)

Analog Devices Reports Fourth Quarter And Fiscal Year 2014 Results (25 Nov 14)

Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s First Analog Fault Detection and Protection Switch Family for Analog Input/Output Modules in Harsh Environments (12 Nov 14)

Rapid Prototyping Kit Simplifies Wide-Dynamic-Range GSPS Data Converter-to-FPGA Connectivity (12 Nov 14)

Wideband IF Receiver Chip Provides Industry Leading Dynamic Range in a Highly Integrated Solution (11 Nov 14)

Wireless Sensor Network Development Kits Enable Rapid Deployment of Industrial Systems Targeting the Internet of Things and Big Data Networks (11 Nov 14)

Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s First 24-Bit Sigma Delta A/D Converter with Rail-to-Rail Analog and Reference Input Buffers On-chip (11 Nov 14)

Precision Op Amp Sets Industry Robustness Standard (10 Nov 14)

Analog Devices’ Synchronous Demodulator with Configurable Analog Filter Improves Signal Measurement Sensitivity in Low-Power Applications (29 Oct 14)

Analog Devices' Magnetic Angle Sensor Technology Delivers Industry’s Highest Performance for Precision DC Motor Controls (28 Oct 14)

Analog Devices Introduces the First Integrated Analog Controller Optimizing High-Efficiency Rechargeable Battery Manufacturing (28 Oct 14)

Automotive Bus Technology Delivers Superior Digital Audio Quality (21 Oct 14)

Analog Devices Introduces Ka-Band HPA and Block Upconverter for Single-Carrier Satellite Communications Equipment (21 Oct 14)

Analog Dialogue (October 2014) features: RF-to-Bits for Material Analysis, New Devices for Signal Generators, and Testing Heart-Rate Monitors (17 Oct 14)

Analog Devices Delivers Industry’s Highest Signal Bandwidth with Dual 16-bit D/A Converter (15 Oct 14)

Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s Fastest, Most Accurate and Lowest Power High-Temperature SAR A/D Converter (08 Oct 14)

At MILCOM 2014, Analog Devices’ Demos to Showcase Entire RF Spectrum (30 Sep 14)

AOC 2014 International to Showcase Demos from Analog Devices Spanning Entire RF Spectrum (30 Sep 14)

Most Power Efficient Drivers For 12-, 14- And 16-bit A/D Converters Unveiled (23 Sep 14)

Analog Devices and EBV Elektronik Sign Distribution Franchise Agreement (22 Sep 14)

Analog Devices Showcases Game-Changing Innovation at Electronica 2014 Under the Theme
"Go Anywhere with Analog"
(19 Sep 14)

Analog Devices Releases First Dolby-Certified SHARC® Processor for Dolby® Atmos® Cinema Sound Decoding in Home Theater Systems (10 Sep 14)

Analog Devices Puts Designers on Fast Track at Avnet’s X-fest 2014 (09 Sep 14)

Industry’s First High-Temperature MEMS Gyroscope Improves Productivity of Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment (03 Sep 14)

Analog Devices’ A/D Converters with Internal Reference Consume Lowest Power with High Accuracy/Small Package Combination (27 Aug 14)

First Synchronized RF Transceiver Rapid Prototyping Kit for SDR Launched (05 Aug 14)

Industry’s First 256-Channel, 24-Bit Current-to-Digital Converter Module for CT Scanners Simplifies Design and Reduces System Costs (30 Jul 14)

Analog Devices' Bob Adams Awarded 2015 IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits (29 Jul 14)

Analog Devices Rated Among the Top 50 Greenest U.S. Companies (15 Jul 14)

ADIsimPE Sets Standard For Power Circuit Speed, Accuracy, Virtual Prototyping (25 Jun 14)

Analog Devices Introduces New Family of Digital Isolator Devices Optimized for SPI Communications Applications (24 Jun 14)

Analog Devices Introduces Low-Power, Easy-to-Use Radio Transceiver For Industrial Applications (24 Jun 14)

Analog Devices and Renesas Wireless Communications Platform Achieves Wi-SUN Alliance Certification (19 Jun 14)

Analog Devices Releases Two Dual A/D Converters with Lowest Power/Highest Linearity Combination Available (19 Jun 14)

Industry’s Fastest 40-V Amplifier Significantly Improves System Performance, Power Efficiency and Integration (17 Jun 14)

New Generation of High-Performance Blackfin Processors Optimized for Power-Constrained Industrial Imaging, Audio and Automotive Applications (12 Jun 14)

Analog Devices to Acquire Hittite Microwave Corporation (09 Jun 14)

Analog Devices Unveils 2.5-GSPS A/D Converter, Driver Amplifier and Rapid Prototyping FMC Module (03 Jun 14)

Analog Devices Introduces High-Performance RF ICs for Multi-band Base Stations and Microwave Point-to-Point Radios (03 Jun 14)

New PLLs Deliver Widest Frequency Range Coverage and Lowest VCO Phase Noise in a Single Device (03 Jun 14)

Analog Devices Releases Fastest Quad IF Digital-to-Analog Data Converter (29 May 14)

Analog Devices Unveils a 16-Bit, 310 MSPS, Dual A/D Converter Providing Industry-leading Noise and Linearity Performance Over a Wide Input Range (27 May 14)

Highest Accuracy Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator Increases Efficiency of Motor Drives and Power Inverters (22 May 14)

Analog Devices Reports Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2014 Results (20 May 14)

Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s Lowest Power Quad-Channel, Jitter Attenuating, Clock Translator (20 May 14)

Global Leader in Converter Technology Releases Industry’s Highest Performing 2-GSPS Data Converter (13 May 14)

Analog Devices Unveils New Class of Data Converters That Set 14-bit, GSPS Performance Standard (13 May 14)

Analog Devices’ Software-defined Radio Transceiver Named a Winner of UBM Tech’s Prestigious ACE Award in Wireless/RF Category (10 Apr 14)

Analog Devices Unveils Ultra-Low-Power Boost Regulator for Energy Harvesting Systems (01 Apr 14)

Analog Devices’ Breaks Through the Digital Power Barrier (17 Mar 14)

Released Today: Industry’s Lowest Power 18-bit SAR A/D Converters (06 Mar 14)

Analog Devices to Webcast Annual Meeting of Shareholders (05 Mar 14)

Tiny Integrated Solution Powers RF Agile Radio Applications and FPGAs (04 Mar 14)

Analog Devices’ Unveils Two More Software-Defined Radio Platform Solutions (26 Feb 14)

Analog Devices’ nanoDAC+TM Converters Expand Industry’s Best D/A Converter Performance in the Smallest Package (05 Feb 14)

Analog Devices, Inc. to Report First Quarter Fiscal Year 2014 Financial Results on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 (28 Jan 14)

Low-Power 14-bit A/D Converters Enable High-Performance, Multi-Channel Data Acquisition in Compact Package (14 Jan 14)

Analog Devices’ Meter-on-a-chip Enables Broad Range of Portable Health Applications (06 Jan 14)

Analog Devices MEMS Technology Enables Withings Pulse Activity Tracker (16 Dec 13)

Analog Devices’ EngineerZone Recognized by SNCR for Excellence in Online Technical Support (06 Dec 13)

Analog Devices Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2013 Results (26 Nov 13)

Analog Devices to Speak At Upcoming Investor Conferences (26 Nov 13)

Analog Devices Introduces the Industry’s Lowest Power Digital Isolators (13 Nov 13)

Analog Devices Recognized As One Of The World’s Most Innovative Companies For Third Consecutive Year (25 Oct 13)

Analog Devices’ Integrated Transceiver and Support Ecosystem Drive Next-Generation Software-Defined Radio Designs (22 Oct 13)

Analog Devices To Sell Microphone Product Line To InvenSense (14 Oct 13)

Xilinx and Analog Devices Achieve JEDEC JESD204B Interoperability (24 Sep 13)

Analog Devices Achieves Major Milestone by Shipping 1 Billionth Channel of iCoupler Digital Isolation (19 Sep 13)

Audi Group and Analog Devices to Collaborate on Automotive Innovations (07 Jun 13)

Analog Devices Unveils New RF and Microwave Innovations at IMS2013 (04 Jun 13)

Analog Devices’ MEMS Wireless Vibration Sensing System Enables Remote Monitoring of Industrial Machine Health (04 Jun 13)

Analog Devices Promotes Eileen Wynne To Vice President And Chief Accounting Officer (08 May 13)

Analog Devices Signs Worldwide Distribution Agreement with Mouser Electronics (06 May 13)

High Common-Mode Voltage Difference Amplifier Enables Direct Interface to High Voltage Input up to ±600 V (03 May 13)

AD9671 Octal Ultrasound AFE with JESD204B Interface Wins 2013 UBM ACE Award, Analog IC Ultimate Product (26 Apr 13)

Analog Devices Recognizes 13 Strategic Suppliers for Excellence in Quality, Reliability and Support (25 Apr 13)

Analog Devices Grieves Sudden Passing of Jerry Fishman, Chief Executive Officer (29 Mar 13)

Analog Devices Announces Design Conference 2013 (28 Mar 13)

Signal Chain Solution for 4-mA to 20-mA HART Enabled Field Instrument Applications (26 Mar 13)

Smallest MEMS Microphone Designed for Hearing Aid Applications Features Low Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) and Power Consumption (25 Mar 13)

Analog Devices and MathWorks Collaborate to Offer Engineering Students Portable, Hands-On, Low-Cost Learning Platform (22 Mar 13)

Analog Devices to Webcast Annual Meeting of Shareholders Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET (04 Mar 13)

Trusted Positioning Inc. Integrates iSensor MEMS IMU into Continuous, Accurate, Affordable Positioning and Navigation Platform Solutions (28 Feb 13)

NovAtel Integrates iSensor MEMS IMU into SPAN GNSS/INS System for Size-Constrained Positioning and Navigation Applications (28 Feb 13)

Analog Devices and Bourns Introduce Industry’s First Complete Evaluation Board with Certified RS-485 Electro-magnetic Protection (27 Feb 13)

FPGA Mezzanine Card Rapid Prototyping Kit Simplifies JESD204B-Compatible A/D Converter-to-FPGA Connectivity (26 Feb 13)

New Version of Simulation Tool Significantly Eases Development of RF Systems (25 Feb 13)

Low Cost, Octal Ultrasound Receiver with On-Chip RF Decimator and JESD204B Serial Interface (22 Feb 13)

Analog Devices’ nanoDAC+TM Converters Expand Industry’s Best D/A Converter Performance and Smallest Packages (20 Feb 13)

Multi-output, 1.65-GHz Clock Buffer and Divider Delivers Low Jitter to Optimize Noise Performance in Ultra-high-speed Data Converters (13 Feb 13)

Analog Devices Exhibiting a Range of Signal Processing Solutions at Embedded World 2013 (21 Jan 13)

Webcast: Isolated Interface Solutions for Industrial Sensor and Monitoring Applications (17 Jan 13)

Analog Devices Named Among World’s 100 Most Innovative Companies For Second Year In A Row (15 Jan 13)

Dual 16-bit, 1.6-GSPS, TxDAC+ D/A Converter Synthesizes High-Quality Wideband Signals from Baseband to High Intermediate Frequencies (20 Dec 12)

Analog Devices’ Wideband Differential Amplifier Drives High Frequency A/D Converters with Industry’s Best Distortion and Noise Performance (17 Dec 12)

Quad 12-Bit and Single 14-Bit, 180-MSPS D/A Converters Integrate Complex Waveform Generation Function (11 Dec 12)

Analog Devices Scores Highest Among Analog Semiconductor Manufacturers in Climate Change Report (11 Dec 12)

Analog Devices’ 24-bit Sigma-Delta A/D Converter Achieves Twice the Speed of Competing Converters and Industry’s Best Noise Performance (04 Dec 12)

Analog Devices’ 256-Channel, 16-Bit Digital X-Ray Analog Front End Delivers Industry’s Best Combination of Noise, Power and Image Quality (27 Nov 12)

Analog Devices Introduces the Most Efficient Switching Regulators in Their Class (26 Nov 12)

Analog Devices Sustainability Report Available Online (19 Nov 12)

Analog Devices Ranked Among Top 100 Greenest Companies by Newsweek (15 Nov 12)

Analog Devices to Participate in Upcoming Investor Conferences (13 Nov 12)

Analog Devices’ Data Acquisition IC Simplifies Industrial and Instrumentation Equipment Design (13 Nov 12)

FPGA Mezzanine Card Simplifies JESD204B-Compatible Data Converter-to-FPGA Connectivity (13 Nov 12)

Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s Smallest Isolated DC-to-DC Converters (13 Nov 12)

Analog Devices Expands Industry Leading Flash LED Driver Portfolio (05 Nov 12)

Analog Devices To Host ‘Name That Beer’ Demonstration Using Spectrometer Technology from Wasatch Photonics at electronica 2012 (05 Nov 12)

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