Super Computing Systems AG

Super Computing Systems AG (SCS) is a contract developer for electronics and software with 50 engineers. Customers are in consumer, machine-industry as well as the automotive OEMs and Tier1s . SCS was founded 1993 by ETH professor Anton Gunzinger.

Technoparkstrasse 1
Zurich, 8005
+41 43 4561619
  • Processor Supported:

    • Blackfin
    • SHARC
    • TigerSHARC
    • ADSP-21xx
  • Markets & Applications:

    • Automotive
    • Communications
    • Healthcare
    • Security and Surveillance
    • Consumer
    • Process Control and Industrial Automation
  • Offerings:

    • Design Services
    • Hardware
    • Reference Designs
  • Region Supported:

    • The Americas
    • Europe

Products and Services

LeanXcam Video

LeanXcam Video - Short product demo video.

LeanXcam Workshop

LeanXcam Workshop We offer workshops on how to programm and use our camera.

LeanXcam SCS Webpage

LeanXcam SCS Webpage Vision solutions should also be feasible for price-sensitive projects. That's why Supercomputing Systems Vision experts have developed a low-cost Vision camera.

LeanXcam Reference Design

LeanXcam Reference Design is an intelligent camera with a rich set of features that produces impressive performance with low production cost.