ADI Overall Life-Test Data Summary
Overall Sample Size 521944
Qty. Fail 0
Equivalent Device Hrs. @ 55 deg C 86469000059
FIT Rate (60% CL, 55 deg C)
MTTF (60% CL, 55 deg C) in Hrs
FIT Rate (90% CL, 55 deg C)
MTTF (90% CL, 55 deg C) in Hrs
Calculations assumes 0.7 eV Activation Energy

Details of Reliability Calculations

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Please note: Where a device of interest is not sampled, it is valid to use the reliability data of the particular process technology to which the part belongs, since all parts within the same family are designed to the same rules and manufacturing as controlled by SPC.

The data provided in this calculation is generic data that reflects the overall reliability of the Wafer Fabrication Technology grouping for the selected product. The data may have been collected on the product selected or other Analog Devices products manufactured using the same technology grouping.

The data is intended to provide a high-level assessment of the reliability of the fabrication process used to manufacture a given product or products. Analog Devices products should never be operated outside the specified datasheet limits and this data should never be used as an indication of the Reliability of a product outside of those specified datasheet limits.

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