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設計ファイルのダウンロード 1.31 M


The MAXREFDES1301 reference design enables quick evaluation of the MAX17852 and MAX17853 for 96V three-Wheeler BMS.

This reference design showcases the capabilities of the MAX17852 and MAX17853 in a daisy chain for the two individual 14-cell voltage measurements, pack voltage, pack current, temperature measurement, and passive cell balancing.

The MAX17852 and MAX17853 supports the ASIL-D requirements for cell voltage, temperature, current, communication, and failure mode effects analysis (FMEA).


  • 6 to 28 cell (minimum 3 cells per pack) voltage measurement with ±2mV accuracy at 5°C to 40°C
  • Supports flexi pack configuration
  • Pack current measurement using external current sense resistor
  • Passive cell balancing up to 300mA with internal switch using odd or even cell balancing scheme (single cell or group)
    • Auto cell balancing configuration with undervoltage (UV) threshold and timer options
    • Manual cell balancing configuration
  • Configurable auxiliary inputs
    • Six aux channels for the MAX17853, all configured for temperature measurement
    • Four aux channels for the MAX17852, configured for I2C and GPIO
  • Internal die temperature measurement
  • Individually configurable safety alert
    • Overvoltage (OV), undervoltage, overtemperature and under temperature faults
    • One cell mismatch alert
  • Selectable universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART) or serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • ART configurations with packet error checking (PEC)
    • Dual UART configuration with redundancy
    • Single UART configuration
  • Compatible with the MAX17852 and MAX17853 EV Kit software along with MINIQUSB board


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