AD5443 Stamp SPI Daughter Card

The AD5443 STAMP SPI Daughter Card is a compact AD5443 (12-bit High Bandwidth Multiplying I-Out DAC) evaluation board, with the device setup in bipolar mode in order to be used as an Arbitrary Waveform Generator. The evaluation board is designed in order to work in conjunction with the µClinux STAMP board (BF533-STAMP), allowing the user to create edit and analyze various waveforms in a Windows based web server environment.

The part number for this board is AD5443-DBRD


Connecting AD5443 Card to the mClinux Stamp Board

The Daughter Card can be connected through its 20-pin connector to the Stamp board. This connection should be made so that the BNC connector juts out over the edge of the Stamp Board. This connection means that the SPI interface (SDIN,SCLK and /SYNC) and power signals being created by the Stamp board are applied to the AD5443 device through the Daughter Card.

The Stamp board supplies +5 V and +3.3 V to the Daughter Card. The + 3.3 V is used to power the DAC. The + 5 V is boosted by an ADP3000 regulator, used in conjunction with a switching cap circuit, to generate +12 V and -12 V supplies. These are used to power the rails of the Op-Amp. An ADR01 reference is used to generate the +10 V reference voltage for the DAC input.

Analog Output Voltage

The analog output voltage is available through the BNC connector on the Daughter Card. This is the output of the application. It can generate full, 4-quadrant multiplying operation or a bipolar output swing. For more information consult the AD5443 datasheet available from the AD5443 product page.

Jumper Positions

Default setup for the SPI header on the BlackFin board is insert LK1 and leave LK2, LK3 and LK4 open. The other links give the option of external synchronization of the signal.