ADI Power Studio

ADI Power Studio® is a powerful, Windows-based development environment supporting Analog Devices’ Super Sequencer® products.

ADI Power Studio supports a variety of different tasks, such as evaluating Analog Devices’ ICs by connecting to a demo board system, and, in an offline mode (with no hardware present), building a multichip configuration file that can be saved and reloaded at a later time. It also provides unprecedented diagnostic and debug features and becomes a valuable diagnostic tool during board bring-up to program or tweak the power management scheme in a system or to diagnose power issues when bringing up rails. The built-in wizards help to significantly reduce the development time from days to a few hours.

Download ADI Power Studio for FW.1.14.3 (for legacy installations)

Download ADI Power Studio for FW.1.15.4 (recommended for all new installations)


  • 強力なシステム・レベルのソフトウェアが、単一のデバイスから16個のデバイスまでのスケーリングに対処します。
  • 組込みのウィザードとデバッグ機能は、開発時間を数日間から数時間へ大幅に短縮する助けとなります。
  • 使いやすいインターフェースにより、お使いのシステム条件を製品固有の設定に変換できます。







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