AI Accelerators

The world is drowning in data, and AI is the solution!

AI accelerators are high performance, massively parallel deep learning (DL) neural network computation machines that are specifically designed for the efficient processing of artificial intelligence (AI) workloads such as machine learning (ML) and DL. Given that processing speed and scalability are two key demands from AI applications, AI accelerators play a critical role in delivering the near-instantaneous results that make these applications valuable. However, neural network activities like ML and DL are increasingly data driven, and this is their greatest challenge. By using AI accelerators on standard servers, data centers can begin to solve this challenge by using AI to extract meaningful patterns from large datasets.

Analog Devices is heavily invested in the AI market and provides a complete portfolio of solutions for both 48 V and 12 V systems. ADI’s complete power product portfolio delivers an end-to-end power solution for currents as low as 2 A up to 1000 A. Our data center power solutions enable best-in-class efficiency in the smallest form factor, the most competitive in the industry.

Hungry, Hungry AI: The Power Management Challenge

AI is many things, but power efficient is not one of them. When AI is working, especially doing learning and inferencing, this requires extreme computational horsepower.

AI accelerator cards have made their marks with graphics processing units (GPUs), multicore scalar processors (CPU), and spatial accelerators, such as the tensor processing unit (TPU). GPU and TPU processing units offer significant computation speed by leveraging parallel processing cores, which help accelerate and enable DL for training and inference. However, a relatively large power consumption is also required for the computation and data movement. That’s because AI requires much higher processor utilization, and processors—especially GPUs—are power hungry.

When building infrastructure that contains an AI accelerator, designers must consider power delivery, thermal requirements, and form factor constraints. ADI combines the key advantages of high efficiency, low heat/power dissipation, and a scalable output power delivery, all in the smallest possible total solution size. In short, ADI delivers best-in-class transient performance with 40% reduced output capacitance.

ADI’s power management products are differentiated by the following technological advantages:

  • Monolithic Integration: An optimized power process technology that mitigates or nearly eliminates parasitic resistance and inductance between the FETs and drivers, enabling high switching speeds with minimal loss.
  • Coupled Inductor Technology: ADI’s patented technology enables higher density, larger bandwidth, faster transient solutions, 50% higher efficiency, and 1.82× smaller magnetics. 
  • SilentMOS™ technology (Silent Switcher® technology): Faster switches with near 0 ns dead times. This architecture is designed to minimize EMI/EMC emissions while delivering high efficiency at frequencies up to 3 MHz.
  • Highly integrated multiphase controller and power stage ICs: Smart power stage (SilentMOS) IC with integrated current and temperature sensors.
  • Advanced Packaging: Best-in-class thermal performance with dual-side cooling in our high density design.

Chip with a coupled inductor
Controller with two phases power stage and two discrete inductors to one chip with a coupled inductor

We’ve Got the Power! ADI’s Solutions for Power-Hungry AI Accelerators

ADI has power management solutions for AI accelerators from the data center to the edge, with industry-leading solutions that enable the design of high performance hardware accelerators.

Our multiphase power conversion and point-of-load (PoL) products deliver high efficiency and high power density. Our power monitors and precision temperature measurement products provide high accuracy fuel gauging and insights to help improve power management. We offer DC-to-DC power conversion solutions for various AI accelerator applications. Our multiphase controller and integrated power stage solutions allow ADI customers to address the most stringent dynamic requirements when solving power challenges around AI and ML ASICs and processors. Finally, ADI’s Silent Switcher and coupled inductor technologies bring new levels of performance for synchronous step-down converters. Together with 2 MHz or more switching frequency options, advanced packaging solutions, high efficiency, and ultralow EMI, the combined technologies offer compact and low EMI power solutions.