Analog Devices has a very active reliability monitoring and prediction program to ensure all products shipped by ADI are of the highest quality. ADI conducts all major classes of reliability tests on each of its processes utilizing state of the art equipment and methodologies. Results of accelerated environmental stress tests are extrapolated into standard operating conditions to predict useful lifetimes and ensure our products have some of the highest reliability levels in the industry. We invite you to learn more through the links below searchable by product or process/package family.

Product Manufacturing

Manufacturing Strategy

ADI’s manufacturing operations are optimized to be responsive to rapidly changing customer demand without compromising the highest quality and reliability standards in the industry. ADI enables fast responsiveness by utilizing a flexible supply chain. We employ a mix of internal facilities and external subcontractors. This results in short lead times supporting improved time-to-market for our customers.

Internal Manufacturing

Our internal manufacturing facilities provide proprietary IC technologies. These proprietary processes set the standard in innovation. These IC technologies have few if any second sources; which heightens our focus on quality and reliability over time and temperature, from the first unit to the billionth unit.

External Manufacturing

For external suppliers, we have decades of success utilizing carefully chosen partnerships. These partners are critical components of ADI’s manufacturing strategy and allow ADI access to key process technologies which align with our New Product and Package Development roadmaps. Our suppliers are managed by regionally deployed Logistics and Engineering teams, and the suppliers are expected to compete in fast ramping, cost sensitive vertical markets while meeting strict quality standards. We deploy a rigorous supplier assessment, monitoring, and improvement program to ensure seamless integration, consistent performance and to drive ongoing capability improvements aligned with our commitment to customer’s Zero Defect expectations.

Quality and Reliability

ADI’s products are industry leading not only for the technological capabilities, but also for quality and reliability.  We utilize a multi-faceted approach to ensure strict quality and reliability goals are met or surpassed.  First, product reliability is a cornerstone of our overall quality performance.  We perform extensive reliability testing on new products, processes, and packages during their development and continuously monitor their reliability on an on-going basis.  This results in an industry-leading FIT (Failure in Time) rate.  Second, we use cutting-edge techniques to detect outlier or potentially non-conforming material identified at any stage of the manufacturing process, and employ cross-functional teams who quickly respond to address this material.  Finally, we have developed a zero defect culture at ADI, which has been demonstrated with our success in the most quality sensitive markets, such as automotive, defense/aero and ATE.  We maintain a Continuous Improvement environment that includes process monitoring, failure analysis, and customer feedback which serve as inputs into a Total Quality Management system focused on defect prevention toward attaining zero defects.