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ADI OtoSense® Smart Motor Sensor Solutions

ADI OtoSense™ Smart Motor Sensor (SMS) monitors the condition of your electric motors by combining best-in-class sensing technologies with leading-edge data analysis. ADI OtoSense SMS detects anomalies and defects in equipment, enabling you to forecast maintenance cycles and avoid unplanned downtime. Agnostic of motor type and covering the most critical diagnostics, ADI OtoSense SMS allows for 24/7 condition-based monitoring of low-voltage electric motors, translating data into actionable insights and recommending solutions for identified issues.

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Value and Benefits

ADI OtoSense SMS optimizes your production environment and reduces breakdowns using robust, condition-based monitoring hardware and software. Benefits include lowering asset maintenance costs, extending equipment life, and increasing uptime. Monitoring your equipment more frequently allows you to address mechanical and electrical failures as soon as they occur, minimizing impact to your production process. A unique model is created for each motor to deliver optimized diagnostics that align with your process. ADI OtoSense SMS provides information you can use to not only diagnose the problem, but also know the severity so maintenance teams can make informed decisions. Continuously monitoring your motor performance and health reduces time and cost of maintenance.

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Reduces maintenance time and cost

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Extends equipment life span

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Increases uptime

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