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Energy Storage Systems

Our ESS solutions enable reliably achievable applications such as peak shaving, self-consumption optimization, and backup power in the event of outages.

For battery ESS, our technology-leading Battery Management Systems (BMS) solutions deliver high-accuracy voltage monitoring, current monitoring, and cell balancing utilizing precision multi-cell stack monitors along with either isolated SPI or wireless communication implementations.

In high-voltage, high-power conversion systems, we offer a broad range of digital isolators, isolated transceivers, isolated A/D converters, and isolated gate drivers capable of driving both silicon and Wide Band Gap FETs (Silicon Carbide and GaN) at maximum speed and frequency, thus achieving exceptional efficiency targets.


Value and Benefits

Our ESS solutions provide precision battery measurement across multiple battery chemistries and the highest efficiency power conversion while addressing the stringent demands of both high reliability and longevity.

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Support many battery chemistries and multipack systems

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Maximize storage capacity, performance, and lifetime value

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Achieve functional safety

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